Advantages of E-Bikes

Tired of spending hours stuck in traffic jams on your way to the office? Want a vehicle that is fast, and emits no carbon dioxide? Want a bike for exercising that which reduces the load on you if the terrain is tough?

Well then, why don’t you get yourself an electric bike? First choice of many office-goers, bikers, and average people; electric bikes today are the rage, and for good reasons.

Some top reasons why electric bikes are better alternatives to motor vehicles are:

Much cheaper

The cost per mile for an electric bike is a thousand time less than a gas-powered vehicle, excluding additional costs, like maintenance, license fees, insurance, registration, etc.

Saves time

Maneuvering an electric bike in peak-hour traffic or through a congested street is much easier than a big sedan. Even when heavy traffic forces other vehicles to move at a snail’s pace, you can zip past everybody on your trendy electric bike. This is one of the main reasons why office-goers who live just a few kilometers away, in 25 to 40 km range, and have to deal heavy traffic daily opt for an e-bike.

Exercise is optional

Electric bikes are versatile to say the least. Many use the pedaling option to get some exercise while they breeze towards their destination. Many other use it primarily for exercise and press the power button only when they are tired and need some assistance or when they are managing a steep slope.

Reduces your carbon footprint

With our ecosystem being in the state it currently is and getting worse with time, it makes sense to use a vehicle that emits no CO₂.

Safe and easy to operate

Electric bikes, without a doubt, are both safe and very easy to operate. Thanks to limited speed, the risk of a fatal accident is significantly low in e-bikes in comparison to gasoline-powered vehicles. Furthermore, most e-bikes come equipped with several intelligent safety features, like automatic power cut-off, which make them highly safe.

With so many advantages over motor vehicles, it’s no wonder e-bikes are so popular today. To help you keep your e-bike in top shape for years, some useful maintenance tips are given here:

Keep your battery topped off

It is best that you charge the battery of your bike whenever you can. Cultivating this habit offer dual benefits: it improves your battery’s overall life and it ensures there is enough fuel in the tank for any unexpected trip at any time.

Keep the chain lubricated

For smooth and efficient running, you are recommended to invest in a good bike chain lubricant. Every now and then, apply some to the chain of the bike, let the lubricant do its work for a few minutes, and then wipe off the extra grease with a shop rag.

Ensure the air pressure in the tires is in the optimum range

To prevent a flat tire and to ensure your bike runs smoothly, keep your tires well inflated. When the air pressure in the tires is too low, the bike can topple over upon hitting a road obstacle. It also increases the risk of a flat tire. On the other hand, excess air pressure can make the ride rough.

These are the important things that should be known by a person who is thinking about buying an electric bike. Apply these maintenance tips to increase the life of your bike.

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