10 Best Bike Rack For SUV No Hitch In 2022

Heading for a week-long trip near the mountains with everything crammed inside the car boot. And yet, you’ve got to leave behind that mountain bike of yours as there is no room for it.

I know, you would have loved to get on the bike and explore the mountains riding on it. But what can you do?

You can get the best bike rack for SUV without a hitch to get that bike of yours securely transported to wherever you go without thinking about making room in the boot.

It looks like that what you’ve required all along to make those weekend trips even better. So, if you want an SUV bike rack with no hitch, then go through the list below.

What Is The Best Bike Rack For SUVs Without Hitch?

To help you find the right rack, I’ve got a list right below. Take a quick look to find out what each of them is good for.

Best for its durability: Saris Bones 805 2 Bike Trunk Mount Rack
No surprise, it got named the Bones. The arms and legs of the hanging rack are some of the strongest in the business.

Best for setting up in seconds: Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack
If you need a rack to install right away, go and get the Deluxe trunk-mount rack from Allen Sports

Best for its compactness: Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack
Don’t want a huge rack at the back of your SUV, then the Ultra compact trunk-mount of Allen sports is the one for you.

Best for its ease of use: Schwinn Car Bike Rack, 2 Bike Trunk Rack
When you get the Schwinn gear, you don’t have to do anything but just mount it on the trunk. This thing comes preassembled for right out-of-the-box use.

Best for its no-tool assembly: CyclingDeal Alloy Car Roof Bike Bicycle Carrier Rack
Get the rooftop rack installed on the crossbar of your car with no tools. It’s that easy.

Best fitted system: Thule Passage Trunk Mount Carrier
No matter what ride you have. The FitDial system of the Thule makes it work with them all.

Best for its capacity: Hollywood Racks F4 Heavy Duty 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack
Carry not one, not two but bicycles for the entire family with the Hollywood trunk-mount rack.

Best for its contactless lock system: YAKIMA FrontLoader Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier
With the Yakima, there is no need to worry about having the frame of your bike damaged. Its FrontLoader system securely latches on the bike without touching the frame. So, no more ruined paint on the bike.

Best for taking heavy loads: SportRack Pursuit Anti-Sway Trunk Mount Bike Rack
This SportRack unit can take up to 105 pounds of load with ease. No swaying, nothing.

Best Bike Rack For SUV No Hitch – Reviews

If you’re in the market to find a rack without using the hitch, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you can get some of the best carrying units to use on your SUV to transport the bicycles with ease—No hitch involved. So, why not take a look.

1. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Unlike going for a hitch-mounted rack, going with the Allen Sports Deluxe seems like a far better option for many reasons. First of them being it comes fully assembled—no need to sweat trying to piece together the pieces to use the rack.

Even attaching it to the trunk doesn’t require much work. Without any help, you can set the deluxe on the trunk in seconds. Once installed at the trunk, you can carry up to two bikes using it. And it doesn’t matter whether you ride a sedan, hatchback, or an SUV; the Allen Sports work with all types of vehicles.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

You will feel much safer transporting your bikes on the rack. Its patented two side straps ensure the bikes remain in position no matter whether you ride on smooth roads or those uneven cross-country terrains. The straps will deliver lateral stability that’s unmatched. On top of that, the patented tie-down system will keep the bike protected at all times.

Not just that. The tie-down system even allows you to make room for a wide-size frame bike to frame its rotating feature. The 102DN’s carrying arm supports all frames on the rack whether you have got an adult bike or kids ride.

So, it is a one-stop solution


  • Easy to use
  • No assembly required
  • Suitable with a wide variety of vehicles
  • Secure tie-down system
  • Rotating carrying arm


  • Only carries two bikes

2. Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

If there is no need for a big carrier rack like the first one, Allen Sports, then they’ve got another option for you. It is their ultra-compact bike rack. If you only need to carry a single bike, this is the ultimate option.

The great thing about the unit is that it is foldable. This one will fold into the size of a shoebox to ensure that you can put it away with ease when you’re done using it. Maybe you can use the nylon bag that comes with the package to store the rack in it for easy carrying.

Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Just because the unit packs small, don’t consider the unit to be fragile. Small or big, it can take heavy loads of any bike with ease thanks to its solid steel build.

Meanwhile, the patented tie-down system, just like the earlier one, is in place to ensure the bike doesn’t fall off the rack. Plus, it can make room for every size and style of the bicycle with a rotating system.

Unlike other bike-carrying systems, this one has a TRP landing pad on the spine of the unit to protect the bike from crashing with the vehicle.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • No assembly required
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Secure tie-down system


  • Not for family use.

3. Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B Deluxe Black:

Whether you’re looking to carry a single bike or multiple ones at once, Tyger Auto got you covered. This unit, the TG-RK1B204B here comes in three variants where it can offer bike carrying for one, two, or three bikes, depending on your needs.

The only thing that separates the units is their carrying capabilities. Besides that, all three variants of the best trunk mount bike rack for SUVs have to offer the same thing.

For starters, the unit comes fully assembled. There is no need to piece together the pieces. You can get it fitted right away at the back of your sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, or SUV without any problem.

However, if you got a vehicle with rear spoilers, then you may want to avoid it. This unit doesn’t work with that. That said, for others, getting it installed on the rear won’t be an issue. Once attached at the back, using it, you can carry one 25kg bike using it with the 1-bike model.

Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B bike rack

The good thing about the Tyger unit is its lower frame design. Thanks to padding there, it makes sure the bike remains away from the ride. No need to worry about your vehicle pain getting wrecked from being scratched by the bicycle anymore. And with the added safety straps, you can be sure the bike will not move a lot no matter how bad the road you’re riding on.

But Tyger isn’t only keeping the vehicle safe. It even keeps the bicycle safe and sound. And it does so by introducing those soft cradles on it. Using those cradles alongside the ratchet buckles, you can have your bike securely placed while making sure it doesn’t get any scratches on it too.

The unit itself also avoids any damage from use. All credit goes to its rust resistance, black E-coating that keeps the unit looking like new forever. Plus, it’s foldable. So, storing it away won’t be that big of an issue.


  • Durable frame
  • Rust-resistant coating
  • Highly foldable
  • Works with a variety of ride
  • Great weight capacity


  • Doesn’t work with rides with rear spoilers

4. Saris Bones 805 2 Bike Trunk Mount Rack:

Looking at the trunk bike rack for SUV, you won’t be surprised why it got named the Bones. The arms and legs design of the unit is from which it gets the name.

And just like the human body skeleton, these give the rack that solid structure to hold on real weights with great ease. The molded arms and legs of the Saris Bones are one of the strongest out there in the market.

Such incredible strength and durability are the results of those injection molded materials that make the bones. The best part is that the bones get made out of 100% recyclable and non-rusting materials, making it a lasting and environment-friendly bike-carrying option.

Saris Bones 805 2 Bike Trunk Mount Rack

While making the rack, Saris Bones tries to achieve three things. One of them evaded the scratching of the rides. And the trunk mount rack does so ever so expertly. By introducing large footpads, they prevent scratching the glasses of your ride. But it’s articulate contour does provide a high level of grip to keep the unit stable with the bikes on.

Not to mention, it got independent support arms with inner padding on them. These not only offer the flexibility to adjust any bike frame on the rack, but they even do ensure the bicycles don’t get scratched in any way.

With 3-strapping points, two on the top and one on the side tube, the rack is highly stable. It holds on to the bike with no problem as there is almost no vibration. Plus, straps remain secure, and they don’t come off no matter the condition.

In simple words: it is a secure transportation system for your precious two-wheelers.


  • Durable structure
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to mount
  • Highly foldable
  • Avoids scratching the vehicle


  • Plastic screw doesn’t seem strong enough

5. Schwinn 2 Bike Trunk Rack

For a versatile option, go with the Schwinn. This affordable rack comes with the flexibility where it goes on with most rides. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a sedan, hatchback, or a van; Schwinn will work them with all.

Unlike others, mounting the rack won’t be such a big issue. It is compact in design and has little weight, which makes it easy to mount for one person. And with the manual that comes with the package, it won’t be that hard to piece together how to get it at the rear of your ride.

Schwinn 2 Bike Trunk Rack

Made in the USA, the unit here offers the quality you expect to get from a homemade product. It got that strength where it can handle great weights. In this case, 35 lbs each for two bikes is what the durable Schwinn has to offer.

On top of that, it has a secure and stable system where two top and bottom straps keep the rack mounted on the vehicle. And with those padded bars helps to lessen the blows while riding on uneven roads to keep the bikes from shaking frantically.

No need to worry about the bikes falling out of the racks; with secure hold-down straps on both sides, there is no chance of the bike dropping.


  • Easy mounting
  • Lock feature
  • Great value for money
  • Sturdy build
  • Stable frame


  • No side anchors.

6. CyclingDeal Alloy Car Roof Bike Carrier Rack

Rather than carrying the bike at the back of your vehicle, use the rooftop of your ride. And to do exactly that, I’ve got the perfect carrier rack in the form of CyclingDeal.

Here, you’ve got a rack made out of 6063 aluminum. The material is popular for its super strong build. But the lightweight nature of it wins over the users as mounting it on top of the ride won’t be any trouble. On top of all, it got a stunning finish that gets topped with the fact that the thing doesn’t rust.

CyclingDeal Alloy Car Roof Bike Carrier Rack

How cool is that?

With a max 30kg bike load, the unit here is suitable to carry around two bikes at once. And when not in use, you can still have it installed on the rooftop as it folds it to remain unnoticed.

Installing the unit doesn’t require any work. Suitable to fit with almost all aero or square bars, there is not much for you to do in terms of installing it.

It is now coming to the rack itself. This one has a max-width of 4.3″ and a thickness of 1.18″. For fitting all sizes of bikes, the 50mm rim deep is more than enough. And you can be sure of traveling with bikes on top of the roof without any worry thanks to its buckle system. It locks the bike from the wheels and downtube with highly padded straps that ensure the bike won’t move a bit.

The clamping strap that goes down the tube like all the others can be adjusted and turned 360° to make it easy to fit any frame ride. No surprise, people looking for a no hitch bike rack for SUV can’t get enough of it.


  • Lightweight aluminum 6063 build
  • Doesn’t rust
  • Takes extreme load
  • Easy to install
  • Fit all bikes


  • Only for two bikes

7. Thule Passage Trunk Mount Carrier

Thule is another trunk bike carrier unit that deserves a spot on this list.

In terms of size, the rack doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. The folding arms of it work to make the rack compact.

But it’s the secure transportation that it ensures is what people love about it the most. You can get it securely attached to your vehicle using its six-strap system. No worries, the SoftCushion leg pads on the rack keep the parts touching the trunk and the hatch from damaging your ride.

Thule Passage Trunk Mount Carrier

Coming back to the subject of secure transportation. The unit offers soft rubber cradles to hold the bike frame in position. Meantime, its patented FitDial system ensures to give the perfect fit for any vehicle. However, the narrow cradle arms of the rack should’ve been a problem for carrying two bikes side by side. And yet, it manages to fit a wide range of bike frames without even letting them come in contact with one another. All the credit goes to the anti-sway system that gives that excellent bike clearance even at such close proximity.

The best thing of all, the unit has a high load capacity of 105 pounds for the two rides. So, any bike can be transported using the rack here.


  • High load capacity
  • Durable build
  • Foldable
  • Secure strap system
  • Fits most bikes


  • Not made for carrying more than two bikes

8. Hollywood Racks F4 Heavy Duty 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

To carry bikes for the entire family, you can put your trust on the Hollywood racks.

Using this rack, one can carry up to 4 bikes at once. No matter how big or small the bikes may be, the carrier can carry them all as it got a 35lbs loading capacity per bike. That’s a total of 140lbs.

Those impressive numbers get followed by an even more outstanding rack design. There is no work required for one to use the unit. That’s because it comes fully preassembled right out of the box.

Hollywood Racks

On top of that, it gets folded, making it easy to store away inside the car trunk when there is no need for it.

When it comes to constructing quality, the steel and aluminum build won’t let you down. It is lightweight and durable to ensure the bikes won’t fall out of the rack. The integrated tie-down strap and extra side straps of the unit really help keep the bike held in its position.


  • Durable
  • Highly load capacity
  • Foldable
  • Rubber coated hook
  • Carries 4 bikes at once


  • Bikes might get scratched

9. YAKIMA – FrontLoader Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier:

Most rooftop bike racks require the bicycle to be lying down on there. That’s often not the ideal way to carry them.

Which is why the YAKIMA gear is so special?

This bike carrier allows moving around bikes, having them mounted upright. Here the unit has a FrontLoader where the front or rear wheel gets securely fastened without even letting it touch the bike frame—no more scratches.

YAKIMA FrontLoader roof rack

Now, when it comes to installation, some assembly is required to get the rack fitted on the crossbar. But unlike others, there is no complexity involved with the process as the entire installation is tool-free.

And in terms of fitting to the crossbars, the Yakima works with any round, square, or aerodynamic frames of the vehicles.

Once installed, getting any ride with 20″ to 29″ wheels fitting on the frame would be possible with the gear. So, virtually any bike can be carried using the help of the rack.


  • Contactless secure attachment
  • Easy assembly
  • Tool-free installation
  • Fits with most crossbars
  • Suits with a wide range of wheels


  • Suitable for single bike use only

10. SportRack Pursuit Anti-Sway Trunk Mount Bike Rack

SportRaack Pursuit is another of those trunk bike racks for SUVs that you can give a go.

Carrying two or three bikes using the rack won’t be a big deal. It got two varieties for bike support.

Aside from the capacity, both models have identical features. To start with both, you will have those anti-sway cradles to hang the bike on securely. These stable cradles will prevent contact between the bikes or the bike and the vehicle.

Made out of soft rubber, both the cradles and straps keep the paint intact on the top tube and frame of your two-wheelers.

About the rack, it got an adjustable frame to help it easily fit the shape of the ride. And with those added padding on the frame, there is no chance of leaving any scratch on the car.

No matter whether you ride on a smooth road, or uneven terrain, using its six strap system, SportRack manages to keep it stable at all times, even with the bikes on the back.

Added the 105 pounds capacity for the 3-bikes in the mix, and there are not many better options than this.


  • Great weight capacity
  • Highly padded
  • Durable build
  • Easy to mount
  • Foldable


  • Strapping the rack on the car might take some time.

How Do You Choose A Bike Rack For Your SUV?

There is more than one factor that might influence your decision when it comes to picking up the bike rack.

You can find it in more detail in the buying guide section. However, I will give you a sneak peek at 3-major elements that you need to get right before going to the other stuff.

Here they are:


The ease of transportation depends on the type of rack you choose for the task.

Let’s say you’ve got the two-arm hanging hitch rack. Using the frame, you can securely transport the bicycles. However, it requires a hitch to be attached to the ride.

The same goes for the single mast hitch racks. However, unlike the two-arm design, they can’t separate the bikes to avoid contact between them.

Meanwhile, a no-hitch trunk rack doesn’t need a hitch to use it. And that’s the secret that the unit is so lightweight.

Then there are the roof carriers. Unlike others, they don’t like the rearview while you drive. Though to install them, you’ve got to have crossbars which is something to have in mind.


While figuring out the type of rack you want to have, you should keep in mind how many bikes you want to carry around using it.

Not all racks can hold bikes for the entire family. Many get made for at most two or three bikes. That depends on whether you need to carry that many. Some might be content with a carrier for one, while some might need a rack that holds at least 4-5 bikes. So, have a clear idea of the capacity and then make your pick.


And the last thing that you need to be concerned about is the features. Things like a secure lock, anti-sway, and swinging bar should be on your checklist of things that you need to keep looking for when buying the rack.

No worries, I will take you through them in the upcoming buying guide section.

Until then, that’s the 3-step process that you need to try to replicate for choosing the bike rack.

Best Bike Rack For SUV No Hitch- Buying Guide:

Before even reaching this part, you’ve already got some guidelines on how to pick the rack for your SUV.

Remember those as they will help you out a lot in your search. But now, we will go deep and try to figure out the features to eye for in the bike carrying system.

Obviously, these are for those with no-hitch. But they do apply for any racking system there is.

So, what you will take with you from here would come to use for picking up the right gear. Let not drag this anymore, and let’s dive right into the matter.

Carrying bikes:

A while ago, I said the same thing: you need to have a clear idea of how many bikes you might carry using the rack. If you don’t think you would ever need to take more than one or two bicycles, then go for a lean option. There is no need to burden yourself with a heavy unit that you never come to use.

Trunk access:

Hitch racks got mast and arms that move away to give access to the trunks. That’s something that you miss out on a trunk-mounted unit. However, if you don’t need to access the boot a lot, then getting the rack makes a lot of sense. You don’t have to deal with the heavy hitch units. Also, you can ditch the hitch units for the rooftop carrier. It will solve not only the boot access problem but also clear the view from the rear mirror.

Regularity of use:

Most probably, you would use racks during some vacations or other occasions like such. Thereby, having it installed on the vehicle at all times doesn’t make sense. Henceforth, go for a trunk-mounted rack for sure. It is easy to mount on the back, and it comes off real easy. You can get it placed and get ready to carry bikes at any time—no need to have it attached like a sorry sight like those hitched ones.


Trunk-mounted racks get liked for their compactness. These things already have a small dimension. But with the folding feature, it can get even smaller. That makes it really easy to store away the rack. When you’re not using the rack, just fold it and place it in the trunk. And whenever you require to move around bicycles, you can take it out and mount it on.


When you’ve got bikes on the rack and the car is on the move, you might come across the swaying of the frame. Not the sight you want to witness, as it can damage the bikes as well as the ride. Or even worse, the bikes might drop out of the platform due to the constant moving.

To solve this problem comes the anti-sway feature. It helps to keep the rack frame still even when you’re riding. No matter whether you accelerate or hit the brakes hard, the system will offer stability to bikes.


For keeping the bike securely attached to the rack, some lock features are introduced in the units. They tie down the bike tube along with the wheels to stop any sort of motion that might cause trouble during the transit.

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Which Type Of Racks Is Suitable For SUV?

There are two clear choices when it comes to picking a rack for an SUV. Either go with the hitch one or take the other route with the non-hitch ones like a trunk-mounting unit.

Where Can You Carry Bikes On An SUV?

You can carry bikes on an SUV using the trunk area or take the roof of the ride.

Do Trunk Bike Racks Work On SUVs?

Yes, trunk bike racks work on SUVs. You can check out the list above to find someones.

How Do You Carry A Bike On An SUV?

You can carry a bike on an SUV using the non-hitch trunk rack or using a rooftop rack.

Do You Need A Hitch For A Bike On An SUV?

Not at all. There are options like the non-hitch racks and the rooftop ones that can hang bikes on the ride without having the hitch.


Ok, you’ve made it to the end. And that means only one thing; you’ve found the best bike rack for SUV no hitch.

Try out any one of these, and I can guarantee one thing, you won’t be disappointed. But if you feel like they aren’t it, then no worries, you can look into the buying guide and try to find one on your own.

No matter what, after today, you will get the SUV rack to transport your bikes today.

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