5 Best BMX Bikes For Kids in 2022 – Reviews & Guide

I’m getting nostalgic writing about the best BMX bike for kids. I still remember the day when I got my first BMX bike as a kid. That day was full of surprise and full of joy for me. I will never forget that memory. So if you are going to give your loving kids or to your niece or any kids whom you do love unconditionally. You just want to see the delight on their faces then these best BMX bikes for kids might help you to get those feelings.

As we know childhood memory is the best memory of every human life. So to make those memories evergreen a BMX bike for kids can add extra addition. Only the right and perfect BMX bike can make the best kind of memories. Finding the BMX bike is easy these days. But to get the perfect and right one you have to have some research and study. To make your best pick BMX bikes for kids we are a small group of bicycle enthusiast has research on different brands kids BMX bikes. Then all of our research and knowledge we compare and finally make a list of the best BMX bikes for kids. From this review post, you can easily get the bike for your loving kids.

Most of the bike we cover-up here is for less than 13 years kids. So if your kids under 13 you want hem/her to try his/her first BMX bikes then get a perfect size one from the bellow list. I hope all the bikes that we selected are worth buying and kids’ choice. These bikes are affordable BMX bikes & the performance is great.

Best BMX Bikes For Kids

Let’s dig down to find the perfect BMX bicycle for the kids.

1. Diamondback Bicycles Jr Viper 20 Inch BMX Bike

Diamondback is a bicycle brand for the bike dreamer who wants to explore. This brand has a wide reputation all over the world for its quality products and services. They produce different kinds of bikes like mountain bikes, road bikes both for men and women. Their reputation is not only producing adult or men and women bicycle but also they manufacture really great quality and design BMX bikes for the kids. This diamondback Jr viper 20 inches Bmx bike is really an awesome piece of creation by the Diamondback. Let’s see what we’ve got in this beautiful kids’ BMX bike.

Frame Fork Design and Color:

For kids’ priority, this bike frame comes up with three different color options. The frame and fork are durable high tensile steel. This steel frame is well enough sturdy for a kid’s bike. Overall the frame design is for easy riding experiences and easy bike ride learning. For a 3 to 6 years kid this bike frame and fork design are absolutely perfect.

Adjustable Seat and Stem:

The bike seat and stem can be adjusted as per the height need. So when your child will grow gradually you don’t have to worry about the height of this bike. Easy adjustable seat and stem will grow as per your children’s growth.

Coaster Brake for Safe Ride:

For kids, safety is more important than a bicycle. No matter how much speed he/ she can gain with a bike. In this sense, this lovely bike has really awesome and sure-stopping power enriched coaster brake. This brake is easy to use and reliable. Simply pushing the pedal backward and the bike will stop. Really cool feature.

Training wheels and Pedal Included:

If the kid is really little and he/she does not even know to ride. Then these training wheels will help a lot to learn bike riding. These training wheels are easily removable any time they can be removed. This bike will come with a free pedal.

Other Good Components of this Bike:

This is really great bike to start riding for a kid. All the parts and features are made for the best riding experiences. Sometimes kids are getting annoyed by the chain thing. So it uses a chain guard and this chain guard will protect Keeps skin and clothing clean and safe from chain abrasions. This bike is a single-speed drivetrain and it has 16”x2.125” knobby tires. The seat and the handlebar grip are comfortable to sit and hold. So your kid will never get tired of riding this bike.

Ready Bike No Need To Assemble:

This bike will come to you ready to ride conditions. But you just have to do a little bit of work on it. You just need to install the front wheel, seat, and pedal. This is a very easy task to do. So you don’t have to spend hours to do assembling things. The other thing is the brake will be dialed and you have to pump the tires to fully make your kid ride.

Customer Service and Warranty:

Diamondback has real positive reviews for its customer service and product issues. So you don’t have to face any kind of problem with your purchase. Just visit their website and make a note of your product or service issue they will take immediate action of your issues.


  • Affordable BMX Bike For Kids
  • Multi Sizes and colors model
  • Durable steel frame
  • 16-inch wheels
  • Coaster Brake
  • Adjustable Seat and stem
  • Training Wheels included
  • Ready assemble
  • Easy to ride


  • No big issue to be mention

2. Mongoose Switch BMX Bike for Kids, 18-Inch Wheels

Mongoose is another name of a reliable, comfortable, durable bicycle manufacturing brand. Since the brand started their bicycle manufacturing journey they sold their product by BMX Product inc. Now the mongoose product is distributed by the pacific cycle.

From the very begging of BMX bicycle producing they got the bicyclist attention for the quality products and services. Not only for the adult bikes but also they have the same reputation in the field of kids BMX bikes. They are really good and their products are really good. A mongoose switch 18-inch wheel is one of the best BMX bikes for the kids still now.  Let’s see what we got in this beautiful kids’ BMX bike.

First of all, I want to make clear one thing about the size and age limit of the bike. This is a unisex bike so both the boy’s and girl’s kids will be able to ride. The perfect age limit of this bike is under the age of 5 to 7 years. The wheel’s sizes are 18 inches.

More about the Bike: The Frame and Fork:

The Mongoose switch frame is steel. The steel frame is sturdy and durable. For a kid’s bike, this frame has well enough stability and durability. The fork of this bike is rigid. There is only one color option available for this bike and the color is black. Black color frame and fork with the beautiful design every part any kid would love at first sight. The entire fame and design of this bike really look awesome.

Best Features of this Bike:

The features of this beautiful bike are it has a coaster brake, front, and rear hand brake. This is really a cool feature of this bike. So this would be good choice and transition for your kids to make a choice how he/ she want to stop. The foot brake will increase kid’s confidence. This brake system is very reliable and durable.

Seat Post and Handlebar:

The Seatpost of this bike is comfortable and the handlebar is in an upright position. Upright position riding can provide back painless riding the whole time. For reliable and confident riding an alloy four-bolt stem and four-piece handlebars adds strength for the ride. So your kid will never get unsecured riding the bike.

Chain Guard & Removable Training Wheels:

For a secure ride, there is a chain guard in this best BMX Bike for kids. It will protect your kids from scrapes and cuts. Another cool component of this beautiful bike is the removable training wheels. These wheels will help you to learn first pedaling and when you remove the wheels your kids will finally be able to keep balance. So this is really an awesome feature of this BMX freestyle Bike.

Assemble Information:

This BMX bike for kids will be delivered fully assembled. So you don’t have to worry about the assemble thing. There is a warranty on some parts for this bike. Those are from Schwinn and they provide it for a lifetime.


  • Affordable BMX Bike
  • Stable steel frame
  • Coaster brake and hand brake included
  • Removable training wheels
  • Chingurd included
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Multicolor options
  • Easy to assemble


  • No waterpot mounted

3. RoyalBaby Boys Girls Kids Bike BMX Freestyle 2 Hand Brakes Bicycles

RoyalBaby BMX bike for kids can be another good choice for your loving kids. Since this bike brand started its journey they have a massive number of various collections of BMX bikes for kids. They prepared bikes for lovely little kids with specific requirements in mind. All of their BMX bike collection for kids is really awesome in style and comfortable and smooth to ride. Another reputation of the RoyalBaby brand is the quality and durability of their products. All are satisfactory to the millions of bike enthusiasts around the world. So if you still in a dilemma about the quality and durability of their products, my suggestion is not to think about it.

Now the RoyalBaby for both boys and girls freestyle BMX bike model is one of the best BMX bikes for little kids in the market. This bike has really some awesome and cool features and the above all design for kid’s choice is worth having. Let’s find out what features and components materials are used to build this lovely BMX bike.

Steel Frame and Fork:

Like any other quality bike, the RoyalBaby freestyle model uses steel to make the frame. The reinforced steel frame and safety paint will increase your kid’s confidence of ride. The frame is tube type and there is 1.2 mm gap insight the frame. This tube frame is well enough sturdy to tolerate shock. The whole frame and others parts of this bike painted with electroplating with very special colors of kids love.

Safety Components:

For a kid, bicycle safety is a prominent issue. In this sense in mind this bike fully designed with all the safety parts and components are required. This bike has a hand brake that can be easily reached by the little hand of your kid. The brake is reliable and durable and the brake lever is child-oriented. One is the front caliper brake and the other one is the rear band brake. This is really a reliable braking mechanism for a kid Bmx bike.

For kid’s safe riding this bike uses above-average width tires. This type of tire can provide stable and comfortable safe riding experiences all the time your kid will ride the bike. The wheel size of this BMX bike model is multiple. There are four different wheel sizes are available for this model. So pick the right one for your baby as per his/her height and weight and ages.

Chain Guard and Training Wheels Included:

I noticed in some kid’s bike there is no chain guard and the kids get much hassle for this thing. But in this bike, there is a chain guard and it will prevent the chain from entrapping or soiling the rider’s trouser leg or clothing of your baby. Another good feature of this bike is it has training wheels. So if your kid is in the primary level of bike riding then these training wheels will help him/her to learn first and then explore.

Overall the bike is an ideal bike if you are looking for the best BMX bike for your kids. This beautiful BMX freestyle bike will provide lots of enjoyable memories with this bike. This bike has really smooth and reliable riding capacity with its durable and reliable components.

Assembly Information:

This bike will come to you 95% assembled. Rest parts like the front wheel, seat post, and pedal needed to be assembling. This is really an easy task to do. They said if a professional bike technician does this then he might take 5 minutes to finish assemble. And if a non-professional person wishes to do the task he/she might need 30 minutes or less.


  • Affordable Freestyle Bike For Kids
  • Durable steel frame
  • Cliper brake and band brake
  • Training wheels included
  • Chainguard included
  • Lightweight Bike
  • Great color
  • Easy to assemble


  • No kickstand

4. Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike with Hand Brake

The kids who want or like to ride hot wheels BMX bike this Dynacraft Street/dirt bike with a hand brake is for them. With a colorful design and sturdy steel frame, this bike is Dynacraft best ever created for the kids. So, we know Dynacraft is one of the most reputed brands in the bicycle industry. Since they started their journey they are producing quality bikes for all category rides. For the kids BMX bikes, have real positive reviews and wishes from all over the world.

First of all, the recommended age for this bike under the age of 4 to 7 years old boys. This Dynacraft hot wheels BMX bike has all the quality and geometry to get the super kid’s eyes. Now in this review of the best BMX bike for kids, I would like to share about this beautiful bike’s quality, components, durability, reliability, and above all the comfortability (as per the user and guardians view) of this lovely BMX bike.

Sturdy Steel Frame and Fork:

For the hot wheels fan kids, this bike is designed with beautiful colors and materials. The frame is steel and it perfectly ok for a kid BMX bike. This sturdy steel frame is stable and can be use lifetime. The whole frame is a colorful design so that the kids can have the most fun riding this bike. All the authentic color combinations and hot wheels graphics give a gorgeous look when little stars start to ride.

Training Wheels and Rev Grip:

Kids under 7 years need training wheels included bikes so they can make a balanced riding at the beginning. In this sense, mind, this beautiful bike included a training wheel. These training wheels can easily removable and adjustable. Another cool feature of this best BMX bike is it has a rev grip which is much more loved by the kids. This makes the original motorbike sound and gauges light up.

Speed and Brake:

This bike indexed with a single-speed drivetrain. For a single-speed kids BMX bike, it has well enough safety equipment. The front hand brake and the rear coaster brake will provide your kids safe and secure riding experiences.

Others Good things about This Bike:

The padded Seatpost is comfortable to sit and the upright position with the handlebar can make a straight riding position. So your kids will never get tired of riding this bike. The two-tone black and red tires with white rims are really catching the eye of kids and make other kids jealous of having such a thing.

Assemble Information:

This bike is easy to put together. If you are familiar with bike assemble. Then this could take less than 30 minutes to fully complete to ride. If you don’t have experience with bike assemble then I would suggest you go to the nearest bike shop and get an expert touch.


  • Affordable Bike
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Training wheels
  • Rev Grip
  • Hand Brake and Coaster brake
  • Padded Seatpost
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stunning colors
  • Hot wheels


  • No kickstand

5. Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids Multi Size and Colors, Adjustable Seat

If you are looking for the best bikes for lovely little girls then the Schwinn Elm girls bike would be the best ever choice you can make. This fancy-looking bike is redesign with great design in mind for the kid’s girl. The features and the quality components make this bike unique to any other bike for the little girl.

Schwinn is a renowned brand making bikes for adults and kids for more than a hundred years. So there is nothing to say new about this brand. People are from all over the world picking their product without 2nd thought. Because they caught the customer’s trust with their quality products and services since they started their journey in this industry. So for the kids’ bike Schwinn is a name of trust and reliability. Let’s find out what the bike Schwinn Elm got itself to make your loving kids smile.

Frame and Fork:

This fancy-looking bike fame designed with younger riders in mind. The frame is steel yet it well enough sturdy and durable. This bike is lightweight and the fork style is rigid. It has all the characteristics of a little girl riding. The frame has multiple color options and sizes. So it will be easy to choose the best-fitted bike for your girl as per her height, weight, and age. Multiple color options will make your kids chose their first color in their first riding vehicle.

Adjustable Seat and Stem:

The Schwinn Elm girl bike has an adjustable seat post and stem. So when you’re lovely daughter will grow up gradually and her height will grow. You don’t have to buy new bikes for her every time. The awesome features of the adjustable seats and stems will help you to make adjustments for her. This is really easy to adjust this seat and stem as per her height for comfortable and reliable riding.

Caliper and Coaster Brake:

This smart bike will bound to provide safe riding experiences. For safe riding needs, this beautiful bike has both the caliper and coaster braking system. So you don’t have to think about your girl’s safety. The coaster and caliper brake will provide sure stopping power whenever the kids need it. These are easy to use and reliable to make speed.

Q-Factor Technology Included:

Q factor technology uses to make the narrowest pedal positioning which is much needed for kids with little hips. So the kids will able to ride this bike in a more comfortable way and they will be able to pedal and control the bike in the easiest way. This is really an awesome feature of this lovely bike.

Other information and Features:

The Schwinn Elm is one of the best girls’ bikes out there in the market. Most of the kids love this bike for its ease to ride and good look. This bike has training wheels that will let your kids learn how to keep balance in the bike. These training wheels also can be removed any time easily. There is a kickstand to park the bike and saddle handlebar, number plate, and chain guard. The chain guard will protect your child from entrapping or soiling the rider’s trouser leg or clothing.

Assemble Information:

Though this bike will come to you assembled. But you just need to check few things to make sure everything is working fine. Check the bolt and pump the tires. When you will feel ok then hand it over to your kid. The Schwinn Elm has a limited-time warranty on its parts when the bike owner will be your kid. So get the bike for your loving kids without any doubt and let your child enjoy her golden time of childhood with Schwinn Elm.

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  • Affordable budget Bmx Bike for kids
  • Durable steel frame
  • Caliper brake and band brake
  • Training wheels included
  • Chainguard included
  • Lightweight Bike
  • Great color
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable to ride


  • No waterpot mounted

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