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Top 8 Best Budget Women’s Mountain Bike Reviews | Durable, Fantastic Design & Color

When it comes to choosing the best women’s mountain bike there are several things to consider before buying. First and foremost is the bike sturdy enough to ride on any kind of terrain? Second what components or facilities have included that especially for women? And the most important and considerable part of the “best budget women’s mountain bike” is its safety. So before buying a mountain bike for you or your loved one you should be very careful. Otherwise, your money can be ruin and you or your loving someone who will ride the bike can be injured on the mountain.

We tried to figure out some of the best women’s mountain bike for you in this review article. We will discuss those bike A to Z so that you can choose your best-suited one. Our expert team collected data from the various online platform and we tested those bikes to give you the best idea to purchase.

Women mountain bike riding

Dynacraft Alpine Eagle Women Mountain Bike 21 Speeds 26-inch MTB

In the mountain biking world, Dynacraft is now a brand with trust and reliability. Their alpine eagle series has become the number one choice among the mountain bike enthusiastic. This Dynacraft alpine eagle women mountain/ road bike is one of the best budget women’s mountain bikes out there in the market. This bike can make your mountain biking journey from beginner to expert level. It has all the components that should have a mountain bike.

Indexed with 21 speeds this is a 26-inch hardtail steel frame mountain bike. The best part of this bike is it can ride on off-road and on-road. The front shock fork and the front and rear v brakes provide smooth and control riding experiences on any kind of terrain. The lifetime warranty on frame and fork makes the bike best women’s mountain bike on the current mtb market.

Dynacraft Alpine Eagle mountain bike


This bike frame is featured with the purple and white frame with green and pink accents. The frame material is steel and the frame type is a hardtail. The Alpine Eagle is a 26-inch women’s hardtail mountain/ road bike. This steel frame is strong and durable. The frame combines with a front shock fork. It provides smooth and controls riding experience on trails. Both the frame and fork have a lifetime warranty and support.

dynacraft alpine egle women mtb

Speeds and Shifters:

21 speeds indexed derailleur in this bike for Best Mountain riding experiences. There is nothing to afraid of shifting gears while riding this bike. It has Shimano grip shifters that provide smooth and reliable shifting needs. The 21 speeds make the destination closer and easy to reach.

dynacraft alpine egle shifter


The Dynacraft Alpine Eagle women’s mountain bike brake controlling system is strong and reliable. The front and rear V brakes with resin levers ensure a powerful stopping guarantee. So you don’t have to be worrying about the 21 speeds control. The brakes are durable and give the best support while riding on downhill riding. So, ride with confidence this front and rear v brakes will provide you control and safe ride.

Rims and Kickstand:

This bike features with alloy rims. The alloy rims actually made from an alloy of aluminum and magnesium. It’s very sturdy and durable, perfect for long time use. Riding on bumpy and jumpy terrain it gives the best durable support. There is a kickstand to easily park or keep the bike stand in any place. The actual wheel size of this bike is 26 inch and it’s a perfect size for recommended 12+ ages girls and women.

Seat Post:

It features a padded mountain bike saddle. This saddle is comfortable and longtime riding makes it enjoyable. The seat can be easily adjusted in perfect height and angle so you can place for your comfort riding.

Shipping & Assemble Information:

This is a free shipping bike. So you don’t have to pay extra for shipping. This bike will come to you particularly assemble. There are few components that need to be assembled and it’s very easy to put tighter. This is not a big deal for any beginner to do following the instructions given.

dynacraft women mtb fork

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  • Affordable price
  • Steel frame hardtail
  • Front Shock fork
  • 21 speeds
  • 26-inch
  • Alloy rims
  • Kickstand
  • Front and rear v brakes
  • Lifetime warranty and support


  • no issue found

Most Frequently Asked Question & Answer:

Question: Is there a weight capacity listed for this bike?

Answer: Maximum Weight: 275 lbs

Question: Does it come assembled or if not how much installation is necessary?

Answer: Parts of it are assembled’ was easy to put together. I’m real happy with this bike. It shifts real easy. I haven’t ridden a bike in years and its made it easy to get back into it

Question: How many days does it need to arrive?

Answer: Delivery 5-7 days

Question: What are the tire sizes?

Answer: Hello, thanks for the question, the tire size is 26” x 1.95”.

Royce Union Mountain Bike RTT Women’s 21-Speed Review

If you are inspired by challenging trails, comfortable riding or regular commuter rides around the city or your destination. Then your bike search should end here. For outdoor fun and enjoyable ride, this bike can be your best choice ever. This RTT women’s Royce Union mountain bike has an impressive level of performance every time you ride.  With very high-quality components and superior specifications make a difference. Above all the performance and for the quality of components and features this bike has caught the mountain riders heart that’s why this is one of the best budget women’s mountain bikes in the market.

best budget women's mountain bike

Today there Is nothing new to introduce the Royce Union. For 120 years the bicycle manufacturer brand keeping its promise by providing great experience bike to all levels of bike enthusiastic. The RTT 26 inch women mountain bike is one of their best manufactures. This bike with zoom suspension, Shimano shifting, and aluminum frame is really an awesome bike for the beginner women riders within very affordable budget. The RTT is a peace of mind quality bike that can make your off-road experience into extreme fun and enjoyments.


The RTT women’s 26-inch mountain bike features a lightweight strong and durable aluminum frame. This frame will never rust or broken on any kind of terrain. The radiant silver paint finish with a clear gloss overcoat makes the bike look great. The lightweight hardtail frame is molded from tough 6061 heat-treated aircraft-grade aluminum, backed by the manufacturer limited 10-year warranty. This durable aluminum frame lighter than steel and enables rider easier handling and maneuvering on the trails.

women mountain bike


The front zoom suspension fork helps to ensure bump-free smooth riding on bumps and dips from uneven terrain. This bold black ZOOM suspension fork is great and it’s reliable and durable. For a long time riding this suspension fork ensure a critical smooth, more enjoyable ride. And the slight ride handlebar provides upright riding less back and your shoulder strain. So ride will become comfortable and you will never feel any back pain on your shoulder.

Royce Union RTT suspension_

Gear Shifter and Trigger:

This bike features 21 speeds with a very smooth and reliable shifting system. The RTT delivers 21 speeds with a complete Shimano drivetrain. There is Shimano EZ Fire Plus Trigger and Shimano TY 300 rear index derailleur provides 21 ultra-smooth and control speeds and shifting.  So shifting speeds are just in your index finger and thumb; the total process is a complete SHIMANO drivetrain for precise, efficient performance. Removable rear derailleur guard protects gears from damage.


To reduce speeds or control on riding this best budget worthy women’s mountain bike has lightweight alloy linear-pull brakes. The linear-pull brakes with machined alloy wheel rims enable superior brake pad contact to deliver smooth, sure stopping power on any kind of mountainous terrain. So you will be safe when riding on uphill and downhill.

Rims and Wheels:

The rims are alloy and it’s lightweight. So you don’t have to worry about rust. It’s totally rust free and all-terrain. The lightweight alloy wheels would provide longevity service. Mountainous terrains are bumpy and jumpy. This alloy wheel rims con absorb all kinds of bumps and jumps.

royce union mountain bike parts

Padded Saddle:

The padded saddle with quality side-stitching ensures rider comfortability and the best thing about this is it adjustable for the perfect height and angle. The alloy quick-release binder lets you easily customize for a proper fit. Krayton grip feels good to hold and pedals on the alloy 3-piece crank provide a good, responsive feel no matter how long you ride or where you are riding.

Assemble Information:

This bike will come to you 90% assembled. The rest of the components can be easily assembled with the tools provided by the manufacturer. Those tools will help you quick finfish assemble so that you can ride. Choose the right size bike! Make sure your inseam is longer than 28 inches to fit the standover height for this 15-inch frame! Select 15 or 17-inch frames with a 26-inch wheel size for women, or 24-inch wheel size. An alloy quick release binder enables easy height adjustment of the padded saddle for a proper fit.

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  • Aluminum frame
  • Bold black ZOOM suspension fork
  • Shimano drivetrain
  • Alloy Linear Pull Brakes
  • 21 speeds
  • 26-inch wheels
  • Alloy rims
  • Padded Saddle
  • Easy to assemble

Most Frequently Asked Question & Answer:

Question: How much does this bike weight?

Answer: approx. 38lbs

Question: Can I attach a front basket?

Answer: Yep! You can.

Question: What is the weight limit for the rider?

Answer: 200 pounds

Question: How is the assembly for this product going to be?

Answer: Very easy, put on the front wheel seat and handlebars and you are ready to ride. Nice bike

Nashbar 26” Mountain Bike for Women

Another name if you looking for the best budget women’s mountain bike is Nashbar 26″. This brand is doing pretty well in this mountain bike industry since they started their journey. The Nashbar 26 inch mountain bike is can be you’re another good choice if you looking for beginner level trails riding the bike. This good looking bike can be your best companion on the mountain.

best mountain bike for women

The Nashbar mountain bike has already won the heart of many bikes enthusiastic from all over the world. So for this bike, it’s used to build the frame very high-quality TIG-welded aluminum frame and a very high-quality upfront 50 mm travel suspension fork. Alloy wheels rims and linear-pull brakes all is the need for Best Mountain riding experiences. That’s why; this is one of the best budget women’s mountain bike that wants to explore the mountain with its great initiatives.

Frame and Design

As you can see the picture this is a great-looking mountain bike for women who passionate, fashionable, and most careful about their stuff. The frame of this bike is built around a TIG-welded aluminum. This aluminum frame ensures strength and durability. It has enough power to absorb shock coming from various ways. So riding on mountainous terrain is relaxed and worries free from damages. Step-through frame design for easy on/off.

women mountain bike assemble

Front Suspension:

This bike features an upfront suspension fork. The suspension system is great and it’s a needed feature especially for the mountain bike. The suspension fork ensures smooth and control riding experiences on the bumpy and paved terrain. So for this need this Nashbar mountain bike has a great working 50 mm travel suspension fork. It provides the rider a smooth, control and a very reliable ride while riding on the downhill.

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Speeds Shifter and Derailleur:

This bike indexed 3×7 which means 21 speeds. So riding uphill and flat surface or road is easier to go. To control this speed mechanism it has Shimano 21 speeds Shifter, Derailleur and cassette these are the components that ensure smooth gear changes. Crankset with 48/38/28T chainrings combined with 14-28T freewheel delivers a wide range of gear options to choose from.

Linear Pull Brakes:

So you have speeds and every now and then you have to control or stop your bike from those speeds. To do that needs fulfilling this bike has linear-pull brakes system. This has a lot of power to stop the bike from speeds. The linear-pull brake is a widely used brakes system and it has a trusted stopping guarantee. These brakes are reliable and durable.

women mountain bike

Alloy Wheelset:

The wheels size is 26 and it made with alloy. An alloy is a material of aluminum and magnesium. The type of wheels has enough power of shock absorption. This is rust free and there is a knobby tire on the rims. This tire has a solid grip so any kind of paved or sleepy path it can go through without slept.


  • Great looking design
  • Affordable price
  • Aluminum frame
  • Front Suspension travel fork
  • 21 speeds
  • 26-inch wheelset
  • Alloy rims
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Easy to assemble


  • Normal water bottle holder
  • Cheap Seatpost

Most Frequently Asked Question & Answer:

Question: Can anyone tell me if this bike comes with a kickstand?

Answer: We just received ours and it did not.

Question: What is the weight of this bike after full assembly?

Answer: Approx 30.4lbs I just weighed myself on my bathroom scale then held the bike and weighed myself again 30.4lbs is the difference. Not super scientific but should be close enough.

Question: What is the frame size of this bike?

Answer: 15 inch

KZ2600 dual-suspension Kent 26 inch Mountain Bike

Kent kz2600 dual suspension 26-inch mountain bike review. Kent is known for creating a performance-oriented affordable mountain bike that demonstrates innovation and efficiency. The company has been in operation over 60 years now and stock a wide range of bikes. Among their latest offerings are mountain bikes. A category and which can kz2600 dual-suspension stand out the top.

This bike is designed to meet the demand of modern-day cyclists. In fact, it has been a massive hidden world of mountain biking. The full suspension mechanism makes the bike a popular choice among mountain bike riders.

mountain bike


The bike has offers 65 mm of travel suspension. This is enough to take a beating of the rough trails ride maintaining impressive efficiency.  Prominent expert point of view 65 mm is considered to short for travel. This makes the bike a good option for getting race and courses for cross country bicycling. The suspension provides rampant over height making the bike highly maneuverable. It’s out bump sort road shock. This makes your ride smooth and comfortable for a long ride.

kent kz2600 suspension fork

Lightweight aluminum frame:

The frame is lightweight and it’s built with butted aluminum. This butted aluminum frame getting the bike that remains lightweight without sacrificing durability and performance dreams comes true for any rider. Well, this cheap mountain bike was exactly built for that. The slide weight frame is strong enough to accumulate the rider weight. Improvement has been made to this frame by incorporating body design. Unlike the traditional tube frame, the butted frame keeps weight minimum and makes the bike aerodynamic for increase speeds.

kent kz2600 mountain bike parts

 21 Speeds Gear:

This bike features 21 Shimano moves navigations gear. More speeds mean less trouble adjust for changes and train declined. Furthermore, you don’t have to slow down and when making such an adjustment. In short more number of gears the better. Ok, Kz 2600 dual suspension kent 26-inch mountain bike does not disappoint when it comes to that.  It’s a 21 speeds mountain bike featuring 3 front and 7 rear gears. This is a traditional mountain bike set up and the gear lets you tackle various turnings and makes a smooth transition without distraction. 21 speeds make this mountain bike a good starting point for recreational riders. The most surprising thing is you will not get a 21 speeds mountain bike within this price except this one.

Disc Brakes:

This bike has a powerful all-weather front disc brake. This mountain bike sticks away from the traditional rim brakes and in states set an all-weather disc brake. These types of brakes have the greatest stopping power and provide reliability. It’s only matched by the hydraulic brakes power of stopping not with the rims brakes.  This is the brake that is always ready.

Lightweight Stronger Wheels:

Kent kz2600 dual suspension 26-inch mountain bike built with butted aluminum alloy rims. The wheels size is 26 inch. This is considered as lightweight and the strong aluminum alloy makes the wheels stand over the rugged and bumpy terrain. This is totally a rust free rims and wheels. The tires over the rims have solid grips to prevent slip on the paved surface.

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  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • 21 speeds
  • Powerful disc brakes
  • Alloy wheels
  • Easy to assemble


  • Normal water bottle holder

Most Frequently Asked Question & Answer:

Question: How much assembly?

Answer: Only took a 16-year-old boy about an hour to put it together.

Question: Is it shipped through USPS or UPS?

Answer: Ours did not come with directions. Is it suppose?

Question: I’m 6 foot 230 pounds, and I need a bike for short distances, is this bike fine?

Answer: Shouldn’t be an issue. Decent bike for the price. Be forewarned as with ANY new bike not bought and set up by an expensive bike shop, it will need assembly and adjustment followed by a couple rides and a readjustment, easy peasy!

Question: How thick are the tires?

Answer: I don’t know technically how thick they are but they seem substantial. My husband rides this bike and he’s about 200 lbs and he is comfortable on it.


Granite Peak 24″ Girls’ Mountain Bike review

The Granite Peak 24” girl’s mountain bike by Roadmaster is another great choice if you are looking for a bike that would be a ride on-road as well as off-road. This awesome and good looking bike can be your best companion on trails ride. Roadmaster bike is a good choice because the company is a trusted name for over 10 years in the USA when it comes to recreational bicycling. The Granite Peak 24 inch is one of the best cheap women’s mountain bikes for those who want to explore and enjoy their ride.

best girls mountain bike

This is a good quality bike and it has a steel frame a little heavy but not too heavy. There is a shock on the front fork to provide smooth and control riding experiences. The hand brakes system and the alloy wheels are meet the price affordability. This really the best women’s mountain bike within this price tag.

Steel Frame:

This is an excellent choice all-terrain bike. With steel frame design provides a durable and stable ride for a long time. The frame is steel but it is strong enough to accumulate the rider’s minimum weight. The sporting steel frame with a blue color presents great attractions.

Front Shock Suspension:

The front shock suspension of this beautiful bike provides a smooth and control ride on the bump and rugged terrains. The front suspension fork is actually on a mountain bike ensures each ride is comfortable and easy to navigate.

folding mountain bike suspension

Speeds and Shifters:

This bike indexed 18 speeds with Shimano twist shifters. This speed provides maximum shifting performance and a wide gear range out on the trail. The hassle-free shifter and derailleur will make your trails riding more enjoyable and comfortable. These are durable and reliable.

Alloy Rims and Wheels:

This 24 inch Granite Peak girl’s mountain bike features alloy rims and wheels which is considered lightweight. This lightweight wheel reduces extra weight and provides a durable and reliable ride. There are knobby tires on the rims provides plenty of security on pavement or dirt road.

Granite Peak Girls'mountain bike

Assemble Information:

This bike will come to you mostly assembled. There are few components you just need put together these are easy and some time required. For this task tools and instructions provided with the shipment. Another thing is these bike parts are available in any bike shop. So you can easily fix if any issues occur while riding with the new one by replacement.

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  • Steel frame
  • Front suspension fork
  • 18 speeds
  • 24-inch wheels
  • Alloy rims
  • Affordable Price


  • The seat is hard

Most Frequently Asked Question & Answer:

Question: Does this bike come with a kickstand? If not, what kind would I buy to put on it?

Answer: Yes, it does.

Question: Are you the same as stockapppro?

Answer: No.

Question: How to assemble this bike?

Answer: Requires some tools but instructions are included and easy to follow. It will take some time though

Question: Does it have back brakes?

Answer: Yes – front and back.

26” Women’s Kent KZR Mountain Bike 21-Speed White/Teal Review

The KZR from Kent is a hardtail mountain bike for those who want to see feel the ride in a new way. This is not a nonsense mountain bike and as we know Kent produces bicycles for real riders. The company has been in the operation of creating bikes as well as mountain bikes for more than 60 years. And in their journey to built quality and satisfactory bike manufacturing is really praiseworthy among bike enthusiastic.

best women's mountain bike

The Kent KZR mountain bike is designed to fulfill the demand of modern women mountain bike riders. This great looking bike already won most of the beginner cyclist heart by it’s performance and durability of components. This is one of the reasons this mountain bike takes place in the row of the best affordable women’s mountain bike category.

Aluminum Frame:

The frame design of this bike made for the modern day’s mountain biking needs. Kent KZR mountain bike frame is custom oversized aluminum. This means this bike frame is made for durability and stability. The aluminum frame has enough shock absorption power so that it will not get damaged. This frame is lighter than the steel frame bike.

Suspension Fork:

The Vitesse suspension fork for smooth and control ride on bumpy terrain. These types of suspension systems would make the ride fun and full of enjoyment. The suspension fork of kent KZR women mountain bike is well enough to protect you from uncertain fall down while riding and provides you the best experience on the mountain.

mountain bike suspension

Speed Shifter:

Kent KZR indexed 21-speed drivetrain powered by Shimano rear derailleur. For smooth and reliable gear shifting Shimano has worldwide name and fame. This shifter is easy to use and hassle-free. Unlike other ordinary shifters, the Shimano shifter and drivetrain are more durable and comfortable.

Front Disc and Rear Linear Pull Brakes:

For a safe ride on the mountain as well as road, brakes play a vital role. So for a comfortable and reliable ride, this Kent KZR women mountain bike uses front cable-actuated disc brake and rear linear-pull brakes. This brake has enough power to stop you from any speeds or conditions. So you stay safe when things get a little hairy and your journey on off-road or on-road still remains safe and adventitious.

kent kzr women mountain bike

Wheels and Saddle:

The wheelset of this bike is really strong and durable. The high-profile Vitesse wheelset keeps you tracking straight and true and knobby tires help hold your line. The saddle is padded and comfortable to sit. It’s height adjusted a no-tool quick-release seat post clamp. So you can easily adjust the height as you need.

Assemble Information:

This bike is mostly assembled. But some of the parts will not come to you with assemble. You just need to put together that’s it. To do that you will be given an instruction book. Following the instructions and no need any hard tools, you may need to fully assemble around 50 minutes.

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  • Affordable price
  • Aluminum frame
  • Suspension fork
  • Shimano drivetrain
  • 21 speeds mountain bike
  • 26 inch wheels
  • Disc and linear pull brakes
  • Adjustable seat
  • Easy to assemble


  • No water bottle holder
  • Cable for the front brake is a bit long

Most Frequently Asked Question and Answer:

Question: What is the total weight of this bike?

Answer:  The bike weighs 44 lbs and has the capacity to carry a maximum weight of 250 lbs.
Thank you for your inquiry…. we appreciate your business

Question: Does the bike come assembled?

Answer: Hi Patrick. Good Day. No. you need to assemble it but it’s easy to assemble and with manual on it. Thank You.

Question: Does this bike have disc brakes?

Answer: Only on front wheel

Question: What frame height is this 16inch or 18 inch?

Answer: Hi Jessica, Thank you for your inquiry….the frame height is 18″.

RMA Women’s Royce Union Mountain Bike All-Terrain 21-Speed

Another cocktail all-terrain bike from Royce Union is it’s RMA model 21 speeds for women. Royce Union is great in this field of best women’s mountain bike and they are really really making some awesome collection of the mountain bike as well as all-terrain bikes for men and women. RMA is one of the best cheap women’s mountain bikes for those who want to explore and make fun riding on mountainous terrain.

royce union RMA women mtb

The Royce Union RMA offered some of the best all-terrain biking facilities at a very affordable price. This bike is perfect for the trail companion. It built with a hardtail aluminum frame lighter and stronger than the steel frame with easy to acceleration and easier handling. It can be a ride on trails, gravel paths, and even paved streets. The aluminum frame never gets rust and it’s sturdy and durability is most considerable.

Zoom Suspension:

The Royce Union RMA has features with a great zoom suspension fork. It offers zoom suspension that easily can absorb shock from bumpy trails and dips from uneven terrain, critical for a smoother, more enjoyable ride. This zoom suspension will provide you more control and confidence on the mountain. More ever this type of suspension fork is sturdy enough and durable than the traditional suspension system.

front suspension fork

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame:

This bike frame is made from tough 6061 heat-treated aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s totally rust-free materials never get rust and designed scarlet red with a clear gloss overcoat yields an exceptional, rugged look. The gorgeous look aluminum frame is durable lighter than steel and it makes the bike easier for uphill acceleration, easier for keeping momentum or easier for gliding downhill.

Shimano Drivetrain:

The RMA delivers 21 speeds with very effective and smooth Shimano drivetrain. The SHIMANO EZ Fire Plus Trigger combines with the SHIMANO Altus rear indexed derailleur provides smooth, efficient, precise shifting between gears. No twisting, no wrist strain. Instead, you can always keep your hands on the handlebar when riding, and merely use your index finger and thumb to trigger your shifting. So smooth, so easy. Removable rear derailleur guard protects gears from damage.

drivetrain mtb

Wheels and Brakes:

RMA has 27.5-inch wheels that are strong and durable. This durable wheelset is also considered as light. The large size wheels maintain rolling momentum. And the all-terrain tread pattern provides less rolling resistance than typical mountain bike tires. This bike has a very powerful control system. It has alloy linear-pull brakes with machined alloy wheel rims enable superior brake pad contact to deliver smooth, dependable, stopping power. Krayton grips feel comfortable to the touch; the pedals on the alloy 3-piece crank provide a good, responsive feel.

women mountain bike rider

Assemble and Fitting Information:

This bike will come to you mostly assembled. You just need to put together with the help of a few easy tools. It’s not a big deal you just need some time to ready to go. An alloy quick release binder enables easy height adjustment of the padded saddle for a proper fit.

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  • Aluminum frame
  • Zoom suspension
  • Shimano drivetrain
  • 27.5-inch wheels
  • 21 speeds
  • Alloy linear pull brakes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable saddle

Most Frequently Asked Question & Answer:

Question: How much does this bike weigh?

Answer: Shipping weight is 42lbs; usually allow 5-6 lbs for packaging

Question: Does it come with a kickstand?

Answer: No.

Question: Would this bike fit 5’1” women?

Answer: Go on the Royce website and see their leg measurement chart

Maxim R3577 Mongoose Girls Mountain Bike 24 inch Full Suspension

When it has come to mongoose bikes one thing I can understand from my inside that the bike would blow my mind no doubt. For over 40 years the mongoose creating some awesome bikes most of them has great quality, comfortability, and reliability. I didn’t find anyone from my known person who regretted after purchasing a bike from the Mongoose brand. For men and women, they have some cool features mountain bikes. These can be treated as the best reasonable price women’s mountain bike or men’s easily.

Mongoose Girls Mountain Bike

The Mongoose R3577 girl’s mountain bike is one of the best women’s mountain bikes on the market. This bike has some really awesome and cool features and components that can be attracted by anyone. It has an aluminum full suspension frame and the suspension fork that ensures the best kind of riding experience and comfortability. The flexibility of components and their uses are quite brilliant.

Full Suspension Fork:

The Maxim R3577 has a great suspension privilege. This bike is a full-suspension mountain bike. The front and rear suspension to make the rides comfortable, control and reliable. The suspension system of this girl’s mountain bike reduces the extra bumps on bumpy terrain. Therefore you will get a smooth and control rides on the mountainous terrain.

Mongoose R3577 suspension fork

Aluminum Frame:

This bike built with an aluminum full suspension frame. As we know the aluminum frame is light and durable. it’s stronger than steel. This type of aluminum frame has a powerful shock to absorb capacity. The rust-free and very light frame can run without reducing the power and energy of riders. The lightweight frame will provide longtime support to you. This frame design is a full suspension. You will get suspensions while riding on bumpy terrain.

21 speeds Bike

The mongoose R3577 indexed with 21 speeds with Shimano rear derailleur. The gear changing is smooth and control with SRAM twists shifter. For control and reliable gear, Shimano has a big reputation and the shifter is great to use.

Linear Pull Brakes:

For a reliable and control riding brakes play a vital role in bike riding. This bike has linear-pull brakes for sure stopping guarantee.

Mongoose R3577 women handlebar

Seat and Handlebar:

The seat of this bike is comfortable and smooth. It can be adjusted with your height. The handlebar is nice and grips are smooth and easy to navigate. The three-piece of crank provide strong and wide gear ranges. Besides, you don’t need to do extra pedals.

Assembly Information:

This bike is easy to assemble. Most of the parts of this bike are assembled there are few components just need to put together. To make the bike fully ready to go may take around one hour or less.

Mongoose R3577 frame suspension


  • Affordable price
  • Aluminum frame
  • Suspension fork
  • 21 speeds
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Adjustable seat
  • Easy to assemble


  • Normal brakes
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Most Frequently Asked Question & Answer:

Question: How tall does a person need to be to ride this bike comfortability?

Answer: 48 inches something less or up….4 feet is about right.

Question: Does this come with a kickstand?

Answer: Yes, it does… Great bike!

Question: Is it portable?

Answer: No

Question: Can anyone tell me the exact color of this bike?

Answer: Like a lite purple , lilac if you will.

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Final Verdict:

So, from this above review, you can choose any bike as per your choice. I can assure you that you will not lose your money spending on those best budget women’s mountain bike. These products have really awesome reliability and durability. With any of this beautiful budget women’s mountain bike, your mountain journey will be lots of fun and enjoyable.

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