15 Essential Bicycle Rules of the Road | Must Knowing Fact to Safe Road Riding

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Bicycle is one of the best forms of recreation, exercise, and transportation from the very beginning of civilizations. Thousand of millions of people around the world are choosing a bicycle for their everyday commuting, going to work or to shop, and a huge number of people making bicycle ride for their well-being health, and fitness. So these rapidly growing bike riders should have to maintain some basic bicycle rules of the road. In this article, we tried to point out these rules and regulations of bike ride safely on the road. So let’s have a look and make yourself secure while riding a bike on the road.

bicycle rules of the road

Riding on Bicycle Lane

As we all know bicycle riding is full of fun and enjoyment. But it is very important to maintain or obey the rules while riding a bike, especially on the road. Another thing is bicycle is a vehicle and like I said before a huge number of people around the world use the bicycle as their primary transportation. Bicycle riding benefits are huge. So to say like others vehicle bicycle has no so much strict rules. But some basic rules could save you from many unwanted situations. So follow some basic rules and tips while you would ride the road. It’s important to know beginner bicycle handling and guides and tips if you are an entry-level rider.

15 Essential Bicycle Rules of Road: Must Knowing Facts

Before going deep into bicycle riding rules and guides of the road I want to share some of my own experiences. I noticed most of the motorists of the road treat bike riders In a good manner. Sometimes they don’t want to give spaces and often misjudge the speed of bicyclist. In most cases, I would like to say motor car drivers don’t care about the bicycle riders. So it’s all you can protect yourself of the road. So protect yourself by following the right rules and guides while you are on the road with your favorite bike.

First Make Sure All the Bike Equipments Safe Of Road Ride: Safety Tips & Guides:

These are the most fundamental and most necessary things you have to check first before going to the road ride. In all cases, safety is a first priority matter. So let’s find the safety guides of bicycle rules of the road.

Get the Perfect Size Bicycle:

A perfect size bike can provide the best kind of riding experience. When you are all set to go to ride the road always maintain the perfect height and a fit bicycle for you. A perfect size bike not only provides better riding experiences but also for your safe riding on the road it is very important. In this case, you should have a study on bicycle fitting guides before buying a bicycle.

So for a perfectly fitting bike check, the bike handlebar and Seatpost are at the same level. For all different types of the bike has a different fitting criterion. So for a road bike, there should be 1 to 2 inches between you and the top tube bar. The seat height should be adjusted and your knee should be slightly bent with the height.

Wear Perfect Fitting Helmet and Globs:

Protect your head and save your life. Only a properly fitted helmet can protect you from so many unwanted circumstances. So before riding a bicycle on the road, you should wear a helmet and globs for your safety need.

Check The Bike Components:

Before going to the roads for a ride you should check your bike properly. Especially the tires and the brake is more important to check.

Avoid Road Hazard:

If you are on a long road ride you might face so many road hazards, path holes, broken something, gravel, dog on the road. This could distract your attention of ride and you might get in trouble. So try to avoid these things and keep full attention on your path way. The other thing is if you are with your friends or with a team and you are leading them. Then you should yell to your fellow riders so that they can get care from hazard.

Use Hand Signal:

Always use your hand signal for turning or stopping. This could keep your riding safe and protect you from an unwanted collision. So be careful of the road when you are at your speed.

bicycle riding hand signal ruleSee Objects and Let Them See You Too:

It’s important for every bike rider on road to see the objects and let the object seen them. In this case, I would like to say, don’t just think ok if you can see another car or the driver, make sure they also can see you the same way you see them. So when you are on the road always try to wear something colorful or something that can reflect the light. This could save you from lots of shit.

Always Try Control Riding:

When you are on the busy street in any metro always try to maintain control riding. Don’t even try a rush riding in that situation. Make sure at least one of your hands is always on the bike handlebar. If you need to carry something while you are on a ride then I would suggest you carry those in your rear basket or your backpack. This will help you to ride a controlled riding and will increase your confidence.

Always Have Confidence:

As we all know confidence in something can make things possible and easy. So bike riding on the street is also a confidence game. You have the courage and guts then you can easily make wonderful road riding experiences with your bike.

Avoid Texting and Talking on Ride:

For your own safety, you should avoid using your cell phone while you are riding the bicycle. Remember again bicycle is not a toy that you just playing with. It’s a vehicle and you are on a very busy road. Anything unwanted circumstance could happen at any time. So my suggestion is to avoid talking or texting when you are on speed.

Guides and Tips of the Road:

Know Your Road:

First thing first you have to know what your driveway is. Where you actually going to ride your bike? These are the most basic bike riding rules I guess. When you will ride the bike on the road you have to think like you are riding a car and when you are walking with the bike you have to think like a pedestrian. In both cases, you have to follow the exact rule for riding and walking.

We have noticed so many bike riders forget one important thing while they walk with their bike. They try to walk in the footpath way. You have to understand that is not the right way to go with your bike. You have a bike go through the bike path next to the sidewalk. As same, you have to do while riding the bike.

Bicycling Rules Of the Road:

This is another fundamental matter to consider wisely while you are all set to ride of the road. Different state has different biking rules. So before going to the road with your bike learn the state rule of bicycling. Obeying the rules of bicycling is a good practice. Some state or cities has strict laws for that. Like wearing a helmet is compulsory in some cities and states. If you don’t obey the rules and law you may get arrested. So, make sure you are well enough to prepare for the road of bike riding.

Go on the Follow of Traffic:

Don’t ever try to reverse or turn around while you are on a busy road. Always make sure you are riding the right way and going through the traffic. So don’t go against the traffic ever, go with the following of other vehicles.

Notice the Traffic:

You may not get a proper road signal of the road. Sometimes you have to go through sideways or a crossroad where you may not find any traffic signals. So in this case take the brake to stop and wait for the clearance of the road. Sometimes you may need to yield for the traffic.

Be a Predictable Rider:

Through my experiences of road bicycling. I would say to all riders to be predictable. We all try to maintain our own lane but sometimes we need to go on our own predictions. So go straight with your bike and never try to ride in and out of the cars.

Be Careful While Turn Need:

This is another important thing you have to handle carefully. Look before you take a turn. If you don’t be careful and take a random turn this could lead you to trouble. In most cases, bikers who don’t care about U-turn and things like that, get serious cases like an accident or something. So be more careful before turning.

Use Bicycle Lanes When Available:

When there is a bicycle lane available use that lane without going randomly on the road. As a cyclist, you have to obey the rule for your wellbeing as well as for proper road discipline.

Side Walk and Road Riding:

Sidewalk pathway is just for pedestrians to walk. But in some cases, like a kid rider less than 10 years could use the sidewalk as far I know. If he/she would like to ride on the street or bike lane and their parent allows them to ride that is different. But in both cases, you should know the local laws before proceeding to ride on the sidewalk.

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Final Words:

In the end, I hope that these guides and tips of bicycling rules of the road will help you ride on the road in a proper way. As a cyclist, we have so much to do for the welling of the society. Bicycling has huge benefits for health and fitness as well as for the environment. So to make sure the better place on this planet bicycling can play a big role. If these rules and guides help you a bit on your safe bicycle journey then I would be glad to hear from you.



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