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Electric Bike Buying Guide and Tips:

In the 21st century, bicycles become one of the most reliable transports around the world. More people entering this 200 years old two-wheelers industry than ever before. Now a day people are much more aware and health-conscious and they trying to make the planet a more green and ideal place to live for the generations to come. Bicycle is the one and only transport that can help people increase their inner peace and sound health and mind. We will make a brief discussion about the different types of bikes and the modern day’s most popular form of an electric bike. So navigate below to know more about the electric bike and electric bike buying guide and tips to get the perfect e-bike for your need.

The revolution of electric bikes becomes historic. Now more and more people are well known about this modern ebike and they are considering having an electric bike for everyday commuting, to visit nearest supper shop, to consider a fun riding with family and friends or even to find thrilling experiences and refreshment on the mountain. So people from all walks of life new generation to old are very much fond of this electric bike. You are reading this which means you got a soft corner in your heart for the electric bike.

buyer's guide of electric bike

Now the question is if you are new and want to enter this revolutionary field of transport system how you will be able to get a perfect bike for yourself. That’s why we are here to help you find the best-suited electric bike for you so that your money does not go in vain. There are numerous electric bike manufactures, retailer shops, bike shops, online stores even some eCommerce giants like amazon have huge collections of electric bikes from different brands. So now how you can choose or buy the perfect electric bike for you. This electric bike buying guide will help you in this case a huge I guess.

There are so many things to consider before buying an electric bike. From the purpose of your need to how you could finish your 10 km exciting electric bike riding experiences after buying your first electric bike. We will try to help you all the way in this article below. So stay with us till the end.

The Need or Purpose of Buying an Electric Eike:

First and for most you have to clear your purpose of buying an electric bike. Where you want to ride and how you want to ride. These are the first and foremost decisions you have to take before buying an e-bike. You will ride the bike so it’s all up to you which features and components you would like. From the variety of e-bike choices, you can choose for your bike.

electric bike riding

Couple Riding E-bike

If you want to ride for comfort purposes then a step-through frame may be best. Or if your purpose is climbing hill and ride on mountainous terrain then a middle motor system or high torque hub motor might be the best choice. And for the battery performance is prominent than the battery of 350 W or more powerful battery would be the best and perfect choice. So understanding your personal using need you have to decide which features or components materials is needed.

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Choose the Right place From Where You Want to Buy:

We said before, there are numerous place exists from where you can have an electric bike as well as other bikes. So before purchasing you have to make a decision from where you want to get the bike actually. If you want from an online shop then our team suggestion is-

Select some of the reputed brands and retailers. Then go through their website or any social media page or group or forum. You can also ask questions about different e-bike forums. Gather the answer and evaluate them. The other place you can know better if you go through a specific product page of any online eCommerce website. From there you can get the real user review though. In such away, you can make a perfect choice.

Electric Bike Shop

Electric Bike Shop

If you want to buy from a local bike shop then this is much recommended. Because from there you can get the bike seeing in real eyes. In that case, we would like to suggest you see the shop carefully. The bike shop vibe, how many bikes are there, how the salesman and other officials treat you, are they friendly or not, try to find out if you need them how they would treat you. If you got any trouble with your electric bike will the retailer help you quickly or slowly?  Are they buying only cheap bikes or high-end bikes also available?  Another important matter is what they feel about the retailer, are they seem permanent or just to gather some bucks. In such a way of investigations and considerable matter, you can purchase a bike from a local retailer shop.


Test Ride Multiple Bikes:

You are in the bike shop. Now hit the ground with some of the bikes you like at the first phase. This is the most amazing part of purchasing an electric bike. Testing several electric bikes can give you a clear idea of a bike instantly. You will be able to get the review of an electric bike you just ride. So it is very important to get a test ride.

electric bike buying tips

Girl Riding Electric Folding Bike

After the test ride of multiple bikes, you just need to ask yourself which one is more comfortable and reliable you felt. Then you can ask the seller some of the basic questions like will this bike could climb the hills, will the electric bike could be compactable with other brand parts? Can the bike be adjusted? How many miles it can go per charge? Does the bike have a warranty and for which components? In such a way, you can decide whether you should buy it or not.


Know More About Battery, Motor Other Parts:

Electric bike’s driving force is battery and motor. So while choosing an electric bike you have to choose wisely these two components. A variety ranges of motors and batteries are available in different brands and sized electric bikes. In that case, you have to choose a motor and battery for the purpose of your bike purchase. Most of the bike motors range between 40 to 100 miles and the smaller size 48V or 36V battery can be run 15 to 30 miles per charge. So nothing to worry about it, the battery and the motor are durable and reliable in most electric bikes.

electric bike buying guides

Electric Bike Assemble

Other components like frame, fork, brake and speeds, wheels size, handlebar, saddle all the things that make an electric bike whole try to check them all. Make sure you are getting quality parts and these are durable and reliable.

Check Warranty Guarantee:

Most of the electric bike companies provide one or two years of warranty. So, on your purchasing time talk to the seller clearly about the whole warrantee things. Because buying an electric bike is kind of a big investment. It cost around $1000 to $5000. So if you get a warrantee it worth the price. For electric bikes mainly the company provides a motor, battery, and charger warranty. So, if you purchase from the local shop they might give you extra free service for some period of time. To clear this matter you should ask the seller.

Give Priority To Local Purchase:

Direct buy from a local shop or company is always the best thing to consider. Because you can choose from a hundred in front of your eyes. The thing is if you need any service then you can it quickly from them. So most of the bike guru suggests buying local your first bike.


Types of Electric Bike | Which one is Best

Like any other bike electric bikes also have types. It mainly depends on the surface you want to ride on. So, let’s see what are classified electric bike are there in the market.

Electric Road Bikes:

Electric road bikes are the lightest bike among all other types of electric bikes. if you enjoy riding on-road then you can choose an electric road bike. There are many reputed brands out there and you can get them right away.

Electric Mountain Bikes:

If you enjoy riding on a mountain then the electric mountain bike will be the perfect selection for you to enjoy comfortable and reliable riding experiences. These types of an e-bike is sturdy enough to hit mountainous terrain. So you can thoroughly enjoy mountain riding with an electric mountain bike.

Fun of electric bike riding

Riders enjoying an electric bike ride

Electric Hybrid Bikes:

Hybrid electric bikes are flat handlebar ebike. These bikes look awesome in design and they also have strong and stable components ensured. Hybrid bikes are great if your purpose of bike purchase is commuting around the neighborhood, going to work to the office or a leisure time spending on the bank of the river or lakeside.

Electric Foldable Bike:

Folding electric bikes are awesome and way more feature enriched. These types of bikes are getting popular day by day. You can easily fold the bike and keep it anywhere inside your home or garage. Even if you plan to go a few hundred miles away from your home and you want to take your bike there. Then you can easily take the bike along with you on the bus, train or even in your car volt. So, the electric bikes have so many privileges to count.


Make Your Purchase Worth It:

You might familiar with the term “you get what you pay for”. For everything we pay we get the amount we pay. So for buying an electric bike is the same. If you want an e-bike with more features and stable components then you have to pay it a decent amount of money. For a throttle operated or bike with a sensor expect to pay at least $1000 and to get a torque sensor electric bike try to invest $2000 or more. The best thing about a quality electric bike is you will start to get the result and benefit very soon.


Best Electric Bike Brand:

For your convenience, we are suggesting some of the reputed electric bike brands. In this electric bike buying guide, we tried to help you find your best-suited e-bike with your money. So, if you are all set to get your electric bike at home then try to get it from these electric bike brands. We assure you that you’re your electric bike journey will be full of fun, adventure, and many more.

These are the electric bike brand you can choose your bike, Trek Electric Bikes, Haibike Electric Bikes, Electra E-bikes, Pivot Electric Bikes, Izip Electric Bikes, BMC amp Electric Bikes, Civia Electric Bikes, Raleigh Electric Bikes.

Buy With Confidence and Trust Your Intuitions:

You might go through so many reviews, upvote, assurance from the brand suggestions from reviews article or help from the forum. But in the end, you are going to invest in your first electric bike and you will ride that bike. So try to put some trust in your intuitions and make a purchase with a clear own choice. In this case or way if you get something bad or good you might be happy about that. So make your own choice for your own satisfaction and comfort.

Final Verdict:

So above the discussion, you might understand how you can make your electric bike choice. If this buyer guide of the electric bike helps you a little bit choosing your electric bike journey then our hard work could be meaning full. We wish you a very happy electric bike journey.

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