8 Mountain Biking Tips; Beginner Bike Handling Guides and Tips

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So you all set to rock the mountain. You want to be fast and super fast. Want to rock on the surface of the mountain. You want to win competition and fame. To get all of those you need to follow some rules and regulations. The 8 best “mountain biking tips” and guides on bike handling will help you to make that happen. You must go through it otherwise you could fall in a trouble. No matter what are your ultimate goals?  Mountainous terrain is tricky and full of adversity. You have to go through carefully. Let’s check our 8 mountain biking tips that would help you on your first trails.


First of all, I would like to say you have to have a good bike handling skill. This will help you in many ways on the mountain. Mountainous terrain is not easy peasy as roads.

Mountain Biking Tips

Mountain Biking Tips:


1. Have a fit and Maintain Bike

Before going to the mountain I would say maintain your bike. Because if you have an unfit bike you can be distracted by any means. Like to say, if your bike brakes are making some extra noise or any other parts of the bike give some extra bad feedback, then it could be harmful to you. It can distract you on your concentration.

So before going to the main trails make sure your bike’s all parts are working properly. And one thing keeps in mind, a minor problem you might think about it at home. This problem can be a big problem in your trails. So make sense your bike and it’s all components working properly.


2. Ride with Faster Guys

If you sit with an experience people you will learn something for sure. But if you go somewhere and find yourself you are the boss. Then you will learn a little. So while you will ride always try to go with experienced people. Try to look at their body position. How they handle dirt and rocky and bumpy terrain. Ask them for tips, you will be benefited.

Watch how they fix a flat tire when they’re miles from anywhere. You will also discover that they are not pedaling, they are just blowing up and controlling bike downhill and going super faster. So if you don’t find the group. You can check with the local bike shops and you will surely find some group to ride on and get a better experience.


3. Look Forward

It is obvious to look ahead while riding on the mountain. The terrain is not straight or smooth so you have to be well aware always. Looking forward or ahead will help you to determine your destination. It said that the body goes where the eyes are looking at. Keep your eyes focused on where you want to go and stop when you are there you wished to reach. You can also see more mountain biking tips on the video sharing site. Those will make sense how pro riders ride so smoothly and speedy.

mountain biking terrain

4. Keep Your Bike Control 

You have to keep your bike always control by you. Anything from the surface or bump would make distract your movement. You have to control your body and bike as well.  For a smooth and reliable move, your gear shifter and brakes have to be perfect. And you have to understand when you should use all these moving and stopping components.

Remember, If you cannot able to control your bike for a while this could let you serious injury. So as much as you can keep your body on the bike and concentrate on riding and look forward to going smoothly.


5. Brake taking mistake

Most beginner mountain bike rider do this mistake of taking brake mostly. Mountainous terrain is full of uphill and downhill. It’s obvious that better braking is better control of the bike. So if you are planning to go biking on mountain learn proper braking mechanism.

Most of the braking power comes from the front brakes. This brake uses are sometimes felt tricky. So be aware to not use this brake too much especially when you will go through downhill or cornering. You’ll either get tossed over the bars, or your front wheel will slide out. It is all about moderation and modulation.


 6. Get off the Bike and Walk

When you reached your destination just get off your bike and walk for a while. While riding on a dry and tricky root section on the mountain your foot has to perform a hard job. If you are riding a suspension bike then you got the most suspension on your arms and legs. So keep your bike safe and you stand you and relax. Take a walk it will reduce your breathe and make you comfortable.

Bike washing tips

A rider washing his bike carefully for the next ride

7. Wash Your Bike

So your mountain riding was great. Now take a look of your bike and again I would suggest you check your bike components and wash it the proper way. One was you did before going to ride and another wash should have to be after you finished the ride. This will help you and will keep your bike always bold and strong and ready any time to explore new mountain terrain.


8. Ride anywhere for Better in Mountain

To make your mountain riding skill much better I would suggest you ride anywhere. Anywhere you are going like a store, to the coffee shop. It will help you to control your bike more and more. And you will gain an unbeatable power of confidence.

Whatever you are racing or doing leisure biking you will be undefeated. So try as much as to ride. Your riding skill will touch the sky. And read and watch more mountain biking tips and tricks.

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