How Fast Can a Hybrid Bike Go

There are many factors that come into play when considering how fast a hybrid bike can go. Before you buy a bike there are two main things you should think about:

How Heavy is The Bike?

The most obvious thing to consider is the weight of your bike. The heavier the bike is the more weight there will be to push the tires into the ground, creating more friction.

Road bikes are generally faster than hybrid bikes, and if you can afford it, then a carbon fiber frame is the way to go. But if not, you might want to consider streamlining your bike in other ways.

What Kind of Tires Will I be Using?

The next most important factor in determining bike speed is tire type. Now, the kind of tires you use will be dependent upon what you are using your bike for. Tires with a heavy tread are great for off-road, but to compensate for that, speed is reduced.

Slick tires (like the ones you see on road bikes) have a much easier time on smooth roads and will help you achieve higher speeds – in general, to get the highest speed possible,  you want as little of your bike touching the ground as possible, so the thinner the tires, the better!

A hybrid bike isn’t going to be as fast as a road bike, so if you want pure speed then a road bike is a better option. If you are just wondering how to get the most out of your hybrid bike, then here’s 6 tips to help you reach that top speed:

Tips to Help You Reach That Top Speed

1.Clean Your Bike Regularly

It cannot be overstated that a clean bike is a fast bike. Over time your bike’s drivetrain and cables will gather dirt and other road gunk. The more this dirt accumulates, the slower your drivetrain becomes. Keeping these two things clean will guarantee that your bike runs as efficiently as possible, and it will also save you a bit of cash!

2. Keep Your Chain Lubed

Once you have given your drivetrain and cables a thorough cleaning, it is time to lube them up. Be careful not to overdo the lubing, and make sure it is well patted down afterwards. A well lubed up bike will run smoothly and keep inefficiencies to a minimum.

3. Consider Lowering the Front End of Your Bike

The lower you and your bike are to the ground, the more aerodynamic you will be. And the more aerodynamic you are, the faster your top speed will be. It can also be beneficial to adopt a more aerodynamic riding position when seated, every little helps!

4. Check Your Saddle Height

Having your saddle height too high or too low can be bad for a number of reasons. Over time these bad positions will cause discomfort and maybe even injury. They will also make you slower by decreasing your pedaling efficiency –  if you are in the wrong position you won’t be able to put your full power behind each stroke of the pedals.

5. Make Sure You Have the Correct Tire Pressure

Maintaining the right tire pressure is easy enough to do, but many people don’t bother enough. The problem is that having a low tire pressure will increase the surface area of the tire, increasing rolling resistance and slowing the bike down – forcing you to pedal faster to keep up your speed.

But it really depends where you want your speed. A lower tire pressure will increase friction, allowing you to take corners faster than you otherwise could have.

6. Make Sure Your Breaks Are Working

So you want to know how fast your bike can go and I’m telling you to check your breaks. It might seem strange at first, but having breaks that are properly adjusted and checked will give you confidence, allowing you to go through corners faster.

The later you break into the corner the more speed you will maintain and carry through to the other side – if your journey has a lot of snaky corners then this will save you a lot of time.

If you still aren’t sure whether or not a hybrid is right for you then check out the video below comparing road bikes and hybrid bikes.

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