10 Essential Tips for Mountain Biking in the Winter

I still remember the day a few years back when I along with some of my friends were planning for our first mountain biking in the winter season. We all were so excited and some of us were so scared to be a part of the tour. But finally, we made that successfully and that was one of the most memorable cycling tours in our life. Since then we have continued our winter mountain biking once a year. So, from my personal experiences, I would like to share some insight and tips so that you guys can enjoy the same as we did.

If you don’t have mountain biking experiences in the winter. This might scare you a lot at the beginning. Or probably you are thinking of a romantic vision of a heavy-duty rider battling through the mud, frost, chilly winds, and, of course, perennial darkness. But if you are visionary and want to explore things this might not scare you a bit. So, I suggest you not stop by the appealing thoughts that come to your mind when you are ready to find and explore the beauty of nature on the mountain in the winter.

Mountain biking in the winter

Follow our guides and tips to make your first move to the mountain with your best companion in this winter. We hope you will get to enjoy your ride hundred percent.

Self-Motivation to Explore:

You might find many blogs telling you about winter bicycle riding in the mountain. But first thing first I would say self-motivation is the key point to keep in mind before starting doing any hard task. Of course mountain biking during the winter is a hard task for me. So if I suggest you then the motivation will come first. You are going to experience a new thing and inaugurate to nature, far from the crowd and going to the silence. Compare to riding a bike in the summer has far deference’s riding in the winter. Especially in the mountain, it’s much more different. So, self-motivation is the key to planning and executing and the emotion that should have the rider experience once in a lifetime.

Keep your motivation the same in the whole riding. This will make your destination clear and you will be able to finish your trip successfully. 

Arrange Winter Clothing:  

The most important thing to consider while you are about to go mountain riding during the winter is winter clothing. As you might know, the winter season is totally unpredictable. The temperature shifts largely over the course of the day, especially the early day and the late of the day. So, it would be a wise decision to layer up the whole body perfectly with warm clothes.

Pick the perfect size and breathable winter cycling gloves and goggles. These two things will protect you a lot while riding in the mountain during winter. Waterproof socks and bib tights under baggy shorts will also help you keep warm. So again I suggest you layer up your body properly. While riding for 10 to 15 min you will feel hot inside and then you can de-layer yourself gradually. So dressing up appropriately for the trip on the mountain can make you more enjoyable and stress-free.

Wear Goggle:

Winter riding is not that easy as we can just think from sitting in our doing room. Proper Preparations and guidelines can make this happen successfully. So, as I said before winter clothing layering up and dressing up. Now it’s time to think about the eyes. If you can’t see properly you might get stuck or fall in the accident. So it would be a wise decision if you bring goggle and wear it throughout the whole riding time. Because we know snow falling is the main obstacle on the mountain in the winter season. Covering up your eyes with a perfect goggle could make your ride clearer.

Get Your Bike Ready For the Trip:

As you know, you are going to make a hard trip to the mountains. So, the preparation needed the maximum level. In this sense, your bike needs special care and attention. Your bike needs to be fully prepared for the trip. Check every part of your bike again and again. Prepare your bike and check all the gear and try to find if anything wrong or not working. Do not forget to wash your bike properly and dry well. Though you should always take extra care of your bike every ride or tour you finish. Though we suggest avoiding high-pressure washes. Another important thing to consider while you would set up your bike for the special tour is that, lubing all the parts (suspension, pivots, clipless pedals, dropper post, and transmission) with specific products.

mountain biking in winter guides and tips

Now prepare the bike tire for the winter mountain ride. The thing in this sense is you should not hit a lot of pressure on it. You should lower your tire pressure so that your body weight to push the tires down so that more of the rubber is in contact with the snow and mud, this will provide you more traction. The advanced technology and innovation make mountain biking easier by producing tubeless tires. In this system, the tube can be removed and replaced with sealant. So if possible go with the tubeless tires. I would suggest you if you are not familiar with the tubeless process then ask you’re experienced or anyone who is well known with the process.

Double Check Your Bike Light:

It’s very important. Make sure your bike lights are appropriately charged before you go to the mountain. You might think about the consequences of riding a bike without your light or not damaged light. You might ride local trails without bike lights with the help of a road light. It is easier to come home but it’s hard to navigate and ride home through a dark forest in the winter noon. There are many bicycle lights on the market with USB charging facilities. So it will be a wise decision to hold a bike light with the USB charging facility.

Start With Uphill:

Now you and your bike are all set and you are ready to start your mountain ride in winter. As we all know the beginning is the chill time and our body and mind pose positive energy. So starting with uphill riding will be a good decision. If you ride uphill it will warm up your body real soon. You will get the booster energy.

Eat and Drink:

When you are riding on the cold snow you might don’t feel thirsty. But it is important to drink some liquid or supplement you would carry. Otherwise, you could lose your energy gradually which would let you in danger. So, remember to drink if you feel thirsty or not. We are human beings and we need food to get energy. You can bring food as per your need. Take food between time intervals. Always keep in mind that you need both drink and food supplements to conquer the winter biking on the mountain.

winter mountain biking tips

Keep Your Momentum:

Though there are lots of myths about winter mountain riding. Mountain biking we do especially in winter would be on soft ground, through the mud, or through wet pitches, or even through the melting snow. So, in this issue, my advice would be to use your momentum. Don’t rush when you are going through downhill. Try to make more and more smother moves and be smart and slow your move and make the bumps and jumps as predictable as possible.

Know your Route and Destination:

Though it is a primitive thing to know about the route and destination. But my suggestion for this course would be to plan a trip with your friend or a group who already have been there. In some cases, or in my personal experiences I have seen that online research or map researching can be different in real life. So there is a potential to end up in a tricky spot. So, try to make a trip with your friend who already has done that before.

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Know your Limit:

Winer rides offer vast opportunities to explore new places. So when you are on the mountain always remember your limit. You might be surprised by the nature and the snowfall around you. The mud trails often let you think about the beauty of the creator. These could make you so emotional and you could be on the following of nature. But don’t do that. Remember you have to go back to your home on a successful winter riding trip. The other thing is while you plan for a winter trip you should have plan B or sometimes plan C. After finishing the trip you should change your get-up and layer up immediately. If possible then stay in a warm place or at least not the outside.

mountain biking in cold

Have a Fun Ride:

As we all know that winter riding or any other type of bike riding the main purpose is having fun and enjoyment. So in this sense in mind, you should have fun while riding a bike. Winter riding is not that easy so fun and reward with friends or tour mates would be the best kind of motivation.

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