Mongoose 21 Speed Bike That Less Your Extra Pedal | 30+ KMH | Free Shipping

  • Aluminum suspension frame
  • Suspension fork
  • Twist shifters
  • 21 speeds
  • Rear Linear pull brake
  • Front disc brake
  • 26 inches wheels
  • Alloy rims
  • Free shipping
  • Affordable price
  • Reasionable warranty

The “Mongoose 21 Speed Bike” is one of the best fastest bikes at an affordable price which is manufactured by Mongoose. The model name of this bike is known as Mongoose Cache 26”. The Mongoose Cache 26” mountain bike with an aluminum full suspension frame is all that you need for a trail ride. With the full features of mountain bike equipment, this bike can fulfill your mountain riding thirst. The aluminum full suspension frame combines with a suspension fork ensure will ensure your best kind of mountainous adventures.  The Cache 26 mountain bike from mongoose designed with a beautiful color combination and perfect geometrical shape. Easy to control and comfortable to ride is the main purpose of the Mongoose mountain bike brand.

mongoose 21 speed mountain bike

Mongoose is a well-known authentic mountain bike brand that produces durable and comfortable products built for real riders for almost 40 years. So when it’s come to the Mongoose Mountain bike there is no doubt about the durability, comfortability, and reliability. For these reasons athletes out there killing it every day and making it look like it is easy peasy. There is nothing you can’t do on a Mongoose it says by the brand.

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Stand-Out Features Overview Of Mongoose 21 Speed Bike

Full Suspension Aluminum Frame:

Mongoose Cache 26 inch mountain bike frame looks great. With Mongoose Aluminum full suspension frame this bike features a suspension fork. Mongoose aluminum frame has a lot of shock absorption power. If you are serious mountain bike riders then it will provide you with the best kind of smooth and control riding experience for the long run. This durable aluminum frame sturdy than the alloy frame. So you will get a light frame with a great suspension system within a very affordable budget.


For the best mountain bike, there’s some matter to considered most. The bike frame is one of the top components of them.  If your bike is lightweight then you can easily control it from any situation and your trails stay safe and enjoyable. Mongoose Aluminum full suspension frame will provide such kinds of services.


Suspension Fork

Another considerable component of a mountain bike is if there is a suspension fork or not. The suspension fork plays a vital role while riding on mountainous terrain. In this case, this Mongoose 21 Speed Bike has a front suspension fork. This fork provides a smooth and controls riding experience on any kind of terrain. The mountainous terrain is mostly bumpy and thumps full. This suspension fork reduces those bumps and thumps and ensures comfort to the riders.

Mongoose Cache 26 shifter

21 Speed and Shifter

Mongoose Cache 26 inch Mountain Bike indexed 21 speeds. So rolling on the mountain up and down is full of thrills. The speed you need there is a lot of speeds. So while riding on the mountain every now and then you will need to change or shifting speed. For doing this task there are reliable and comfortable speed shifter features in this bike. The SRAM twist shifters do that work smoothly. It’s a well-known shifter for its great working capabilities. The Shimano rear derailleur helps the work done greatly.


Disc brake and the linear-pull braking system:

You got the speed now it’s time to think about how you can stop from that speed. This Mountain bike has a reliable braking system. The front disc brake and the rear linear-pull brakes system provide safe and enjoyable trails on the mountain. These two brakes system has enough power to stop the bike from any speed. These types of brakes are well known on the market for their reliability and durability and the guarantee of stopping power.

Mongoose Cache 26 rear derailleur

Wheels and Rims

26 mountain bike means 26 inches wheels. Yes, the perfect size of these bike wheels is 26 inches. The rims are alloy and it’s best known as lightweight. Light but not thin to break or damage. This alloy rim is sturdy and durable. Rust free and weather-resistant. For comfortable and reliable trails on the mountain, these rims are well enough. The alloy wheels with front quick release and carry privilege.


Assembly Information

This bike is easy to assemble.  Particularly it’s come mostly assembled. An entry-level bike rider who knows about bike can take 30 minutes to assemble. 

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Specifications Of Mongoose 21 Speed Bike:

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Frame: Aluminum suspension frame

Fork: suspension fork smoothes bumps and increases control

Gearing: (# of speeds): 21 speeds

Derailleur: Shimano rear derailleur for precise shifting

Shifter: twist shifters change gears easily

Crank: 3-piece crank offers a wide gear range

Brakes: linear-pull brakes provide great braking power

Wheels/tires: 26″ wheels

Rims: alloy rims for lightweight durability

Handlebars: steel handlebars

Seat: padded seat

Pedals: standard pedals

Dimensions: 62″L x 23″W x 27″H

Assembly required


26 mountain bike specification


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  • Aluminum suspension frame
  • Suspension fork
  • Twist shifters
  • 21 speeds
  • Rear Linear pull brake
  • Front disc brake
  • 26 inches wheels
  • Alloy rims

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  • Pedal is steel


Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)


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Question: I’m close to 6ft and I weigh about 120, is this bike ok for me. If the answer Is no, can someone kindly recommended the right type of bike to buy?

Answer: if you’re 6FT and 120 pounds, you don’t need a bike, you need lots of food and Ice Cream.

Question: Does this bike come with a kickstand?

Answer: Yes, and a very good one

Question: Is the frame aluminum?

Answer: yes- it is

Question: What size Allen wrench d you need for the handlebar?

Answer: I believe is a 1/4 inch


Final Word

Finally, we just want to say the (mongoose 21-speed bike ) made with all the cool features and really good fit for the entry-level mountain bike rider. So we highly suggest that you could have it if you are a serious or casual mountain rider. Within a very low budget and such great features included that only mongoose can provide. And If you are a mountain biker you may also check out our latest tips for mountain bikers.


Aluminum suspension frame


suspension fork smoothes bumps and increases control




Twist shifters



Rear Brakes

Linear pull

Front Brakes



26 inch








3-piece crank


62"L x 23"W x 27"H




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