Mongoose Legion L20 BMX Bike for Reliable Ride| All Terrain Bicycle | Review 2022

Looking for a BMX bike for freestyle riding or to experience the thrills of stunt riding or to roll on off-road surfaces?  Then I would say you are in the perfect place to have the most extraordinary performer BMX bike review right now on the market.

Yes, I’m talking about the Mongoose legion l20 BMX bike model. So, if you are tired to find the best-suited BMX bike for you then I want to say set back your tiredness have a glass of water and go for the mongoose legion l20 BMX model. Now you might get confused why I’m talking this way. Here is the why below that makes me talk like this. So, let’s get started.

Quick Overview of Mongoose Legion L20 BMX Bike

Size20-Inch Wheels
Brake StyleU Brake
Frame MaterialSteel
Number of Speeds1
Suspension TypeRigid
Item Weight26.46 Pounds
ModelMongoose Legion L100
Mongoose Legion L20 BMX Bike

For Whom the Mongoose Legion BMX Bikes:

The mongoose legion BMX series is for all aged riders. If you are a kid or female that does not matter you just need to have the love and passion of BMX bikes. They have multiple size options and color options as per your personal choices. You just have to find out which size is perfect for you to ride smoothly and with comfort. Any of these bikes from this legion series is worth buying and perfect for entry-level to professional level riders.

Little Introductions of Mongoose:

Mongoose is the name of trust and reliability of thousands of bike lovers across the world. For almost 40 years they are producing different kinds of bicycles with ensuring the best quality and quality components. They are the authentic brand that produces durable, reliable, and comfortable bikes especially BMX, mountain, and road bikes for bike lovers and riders. I think I don’t need so much to say because you search the terms on search engines knowing the brand very well.

Mongoose Legion L20 Review:

So, now I will tell you something about legion l20 that would make you understand why you should get this bike. With an eye-catching design, this bike geometry is extraordinary. All the features it has are really convenient to use and durable for stable riding experiences. Recommended rider height is 4’8” – 5’4”

Durable Chromoly Steel Frame:

The frame is like the skeleton of a bicycle whatever the types of bike we think. For a bicycle frame hold all the parts in one place and provide riders like us reliable riding experiences. The mongoose legion l100 uses Chromoly steel to make the body. These types of steel are as sturdier that they can never be damaged. So the steel frame will provide you durability, reliability, and sturdiness while you are on the bike.

The fork and handlebar also build with Chromoly steel. So the entire bike’s main parts got a strong and stable shape on them. These steel body parts have well enough absorptions capability from various terrain even when you would get to jump with the bike.

Control Riding Experiences:

For a control riding bicycle should have some quality components. This bike meets all the needs of that quest for a controlled riding journey. To get control riding the bike should have some features criteria like lightweight frame, excellent brake systems, good quality rims and tires, and so many things. I saw this bike has all the criteria that are excellent and great. So this lightweight freestyle BMX bike can ride with confidence and in control on any terrain.

Fixed Gear:

As you might know, the BMX bike has no gear options. So, this bike has no speed up or down options. You can make your comfort ride on the street or parks or even on the mountainous terrain. To get a stunt riding or thrilling jump you just have to be careful and few month’s experience.

All-terrain BMX Bike:

The mongoose legion l100 is an all-terrain BMX bike. you can ride this bike on the streets or parks, or on the mountain trails. To ride in all conditions and weather this bike is perfectly awesome and stylish. So, whatever the mood you are in to ride the bike road, parks or off-road just get it out of the garage and make rolling the wheels. I think you will find the best kind of thrilling experiences all the way you would like to ride.

The braking system for Safety Ride:

Now another crucial component of a bicycle is its braking mechanism. Any riding or moving vehicle needs a brake to stop whether it is powered by an engine or self pedaling. So, this bike fulfills that need with an aluminum alloy U brake. This brake has well enough stopping power from any speed. So you don’t have to worry about security things while riding at your own speed. This brake will stop you right away whenever you need to stop.

BMX Stability Enriched Bike:

I personally think that a BMX freestyle bike should be stable like the best mountain bikes. In this sense, the mongoose legion l100 had fulfilled that requirement in a great way by its stable parts and components. To make sure stability this bike has 20’’ wheels and 2.4’’ tires that provide more stability by balancing and supporting at the time of riding.

The specified size of Mongoose Legion L100:

The perfect size is always perfect for everything we use, wear, or in the case of riding a bike it is more essential. Especially for BMX freestyle bikes perfect sizing is a must thing. So before purchasing a BMX bike double-check and match your perfect size bike.

The mongoose legion line bikes have so many different sizes. So if you don’t fit with the model l100 then go for another size bike without any doubt.

Assemble Information:

BMX bike assemble is super easy. Because this type of bike has no complicated parts like speed gear or derailleur etc. For this bike, you just need to assemble the handlebar, wheels, and seat. It’s really simple and to do this assemble thing necessary tools given at the delivery time.


  • Durable Chromoly steel frame and fork
  • Affordable budget BMX bike
  • Comfortable to ride
  • All-terrain supported
  • Durable parts
  • Easy to Assemble


  • Brakes instillations hard

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Final Verdict:

From the above ins and out, a review of mongoose legion l20 BMX bike. I would assure you that if you have on of this model bike your purchase will worth of it every penny. At last, I wish your BMX journey is safe and enjoyable.

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