Schwinn Women’s Road Bike |Phocus 1600 Pay less get More, starter Bike Review

It’s a matter of choice that many women do prefer unisex bikes rather than considering the only female model. But most women try a bike specially design for them. If you opt for an actual women’s road bike then the Schwinn Phocus 1600 is just for you.

This “Schwinn women road bike” will provide you an actual measurement and design for women. Schwinn has a good reputation for manufacturing all category bikes for men and women or even the same for both. The Schwinn Phocus 1600 is beautifully designed and maintaining all geometry especially for women who are fashionable about their own way of life.

The main complaint or difference you will find of a bike designed for both men and women is the large frame. But for a women’s bike, you will never feel that feeling. The Schwinn Phocus is a drop-bar road bike built with all the crucial parts and components that make the long-distance ride in no time. The bike features all the modern facilities that should have a modern bicycle. The aluminum lightweight frame and the carbon fiber fork make the light one step up to any other bike in the market. The Schwinn women’s road bike is really an amazing collection from Schwinn.

Schwinn Women’s Road Bike – Quick Features

FrameAluminum frame
ForkCarbon fork
SifterShimano integrated shifter
BrakesAlloy calipers brakes
Front DerailleurShimano
Rear DerailleurShimano
Wheels size700 c
PriceAffordable price

Schwinn Women’s Road Bike Reviewe

Frame and Design:

This beautiful road bike for women is designed only for girls who are fashionable and well aware of their fitness and health. The frame is made with aluminum and there is a carbon fork with the frame. The aluminum frame is a widely used material in a high-quality bike. It has a lot of shock absorption power and it holds lots of strength. The frame size is 16 inches and the total weight of this bike is 33 only pounds while fully equipped. You will really be surprised to see all the classy elements of this bike even the carbon fork are rarely included in such a beginner-level bike with an affordable budget.

Shifters and Derailleur:

Shifters and derailleurs are the most important components of a geared bike. These are the needed components while riding a bike. So Shifters and derailleurs should be strong, durable, and reliable. The Phocus has reliable components to do the job perfectly. It uses a strong and confidential shifting mechanism. It has Shimano Claris level shifters which are integrated with the brakes. That means You don’t need to hands-off from your brakes and you will feel all the control of the bike in your hand.

Integrated micro shifters are widely used and Shimano integrated shifters are really trustworthy and reliable for longevity.

The front and rear derailleurs are from Shimano. Both the derailleurs model are Shimano 2300. It provides smooth and controls. This Shimano drivetrain will give you the best performance and hassle-free shifting need while you need that most.

Brakes and Pedals:

Every vehicle whether it is a car, motorbike or a bicycle. The brakes play an important role for all of them. While you ride or drive all of them you got speeds and every now and then you have to stop for a different reason. That moment you need the brakes. So brakes should be strong and reliable. The Schwinn women’s road bike Phocus 1600 has understood that need. It uses the ProMax alloy calipers brakes system. These brakes are strong and durable. You can rely on these brakes full of trust. It has full power to control your bike from any speed.

The pedals of this bike are not comfortable. But you can replace this with a new one from your favorite brand. It uses an alloy with toe cage pedals. Though, many users found it comfortable and good. You can try first then decide whether it is ok or not.


The actual wheels size of this beautiful women’s road bike is 700c. The rims are alloy and 32 h – 4 spoke pattern. These alloy rims are strong and light. It gives a strong feeling while riding on bumpy roads. The tires on the rims come wide Kenda K-196 700x23c. You can replace 28” or 32” inch tires on it. Overall the wheelset is good looking and the spokes make it more strong and durable.

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Sizes:

Here is the deal. This bike comes only one size and it’s medium. Anyone, who has height 5 ’2 to 5” 9 inches can be a good fit for this bike. Frame size is everything for a bike. Some got confused by the frame size and the size of the wheels. I want to clear this again this bike frame is (56 cm) and the size of the wheels is 700 c. I would recommend anyone above 6 feet not to buy this bike.

Assemble Information:

The Schwinn women’s road bike Phocus 1600 will not come to you fully assembled. But most of the parts and components will arrive as assembled. So you just need some parts just to put together. This is not a big deal I think. You will provide the instructions and necessary tools you need to do the job done. For this job, you might need around 45 minutes less or some more.

But If you got any problems especially fixing brakes and drivetrain I would recommend you to go to the nearest bike shop. Then go for the first ride with this beautiful bike.


  • Affordable price
  • Aluminum frame
  • Lightweight
  • Alloy calipers brakes
  • Wheels 700c
  • Shimano rear and front derailleur
  • Shimano integrated shifters
  • Easy to assembled


  • No water pod mounted


So if you are at a beginner level or just about to start cycling for the first time it’s all you need I would say. This is really an awesome bike those who are more conscious about their fitness and health.

On the other hand, this Schwinn women’s road bike will make your daily commuting or campus riding more enjoyable. This is really a great bike within the budget price. I would like to suggest you buy this bike without any doubt. It is more than the price. Check our recent review on best mountain bikes under 500

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