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Now a day sixthreezero become a company of trust and reliability among millions of bike riders across the world. They are famous for their fantastic design of different types of bicycles, especially for women. Back in 2005, the sixthreezero started their journey in a garage in Hermosa Beach, in Southern California.

Since then they become unstoppable and producing bicycles and become one of the biggest producers of these attractive and versatile two-wheeled machines, especially in the USA. The “Sixthreezero everyjourney women’s hybrid bike” is one of their wonderful additions.

So, why the sixthreezero every journey women’s hybrid bike is so special to the ladies? And why most of the women like to have a sixthreezero evry jorney instead of so many choices are available in the market. To know all the answers to your quest you have to read this article. So let’s see what makes this bicycle model for ladies the perfect choice.

First of all, the company produces really cool, simple cruiser bicycles that are comfortable, durable, and reliable. Each of the bikes they design think of the rider’s comfortability and accessibility. They produce within a very reasonable price range. They make bikes to make the customers happy with the bike for the lifetime of their journey of fun and enjoyment with the sixthreezero. From their everyjourney bicycle model for ladies, we tried to cover up 5 of them in this review article.

1. sixthreezero EVRYjourney Steel Women’s Hybrid Bike

Bicycling is all about fun. Sometimes we forget about that and more often when we think about bicycles, our main focus goes to carbon fiber parts, high-performance bikes, and so on. Please don’t misunderstand us, we also think all these are important. So for a fun and enjoyable riding experience, the sixthreezero everyjourney steel women’s bike would be a perfect choice. This bike design and looks really awesome.

About the Frame:

It’s perfect for short and tall riders since it has foot-forward seat and pedal positioning including handlebar adjustment allows riding any height riders. The bike frame materials are steel and you can choose it from four different color options. So, it will be very convenient and easy to make a perfect color statement as per your personal preferences. The evryjourney frame size is 17.5 inches and the frame with an easy step-through puts you in an upright riding position and keeps your back, knees, and shoulders comfortable riding position.

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Seatpost and Handlebar:

The seat post and the handlebar are adjustable. So you don’t have to worry about the size of the bicycle. These two things are really comfortable to sit and hold. The handlebar is retro and the grips are smooth and comfortable to hold while riding. You will never feel any kind of back pain riding this bike.

Speeds and Braking System:

This simple-looking bike is indexed with 7 speeds and the speed mechanism from Shimano. And the front and rear handle linear-pull braking system makes this bike more safe and reliable. So if you want to commute neighborhood or cruising on the beach or riding in the city your safety will remain smooth and speed.

Wheels and Rims:

The wheels size is 26 inches and the rims with 2-inch semi-slick tires will provide you control and smooth riding. This is really an awesome bike to choose from for a gift to the dearest one.

Assembly Required:

This beautiful-looking bike will come to you about 90% assembled. Rest few parts just need to put together and this could take about an hour or less. Additional instructions and tools provide the manufacturer while delivery. So, we wish you an enjoyable and full of fun with this lovely bicycle. More ever if you get any trouble with these bike parts issues you can contact the seller anytime. They are very responsive and polite enough to help you right away.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Steel frame and parts
  • Affordable price range
  • Magnificent color
  • Comfortable seat post and handlebar
  • Reliable brake for stopping needs
  • 7 speeds hybrid bike
  • 26 inches wheels
  • Most parts are available online and offline
  • Rear rack included
  • Fender included
  • Durable and Reliable


  • Assemble needed
  • Chainguard normal quality

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2. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

This is another versatile sixthreezero women’s hybrid bike for recreational, cruise, commute, and makes a fun riding with family or friends. The design and colors are eye-catching anyone would like at their first look. The features and parts of this beautiful bike are durable and reliable. This bike stylish frame with a glistening sheen will make your appearance more colorful and will catch everyone’s attention. So let’s see what other features and quality components are available in this lovely hybrid bike.

Frame and Design:

The sixthreezero step-through bike frame material is aluminum. The bike is well enough lightweight. With teal color on the frame and this bike looks stunning. This every journey bike can be your companion to explore the beach and around the city with stylish appearances. This frame design is perfect for 5 feet to 6 feet in height riders.

Speeds and Drivetrain:

This beautiful bike comes with 3 speeds with Shimano internal hub with easy to use Nexus shifter enables riders an easy and smooth gear shifting and speed up while riding for long-distance. Riding with a step-through sixthreezero women’s hybrid bike is all about riding for fun and enjoyment.

Seatpost Handlebar and Brake:

The Seatpost specially design for women and it’s very comfortable to a long ride. The handlebar grips are awesome to hold, it feels like holding confidence. The handlebar and the seat post provide an upright riding position and this position will decrease your back pain and it will keep your back and shoulder comfortable. Brakes of this bike can provide full safety and confidence while riding at full speeds. This bike has a front handbrake and rear coaster brake. It has sure-stopping power from any speed.

Wheels and Tires:

This sixthreezero women’s hybrid bike’s wheels size is 26 inches and the tires are 1.95 inches wide whitewall semi-slick. For easy rolling and stable running these tires and wheels are perfect. They are sturdy, durable, and reliable for a long ride.

Assemble Information:

The sixthreezero every journey need assemble. Additional instructions and tools that are needed to assemble will be provided by the manufacturer. It may take you less than one hour to put together and ready to explore. More ever there are plenty of youtube videos on how you can assemble this bike easily you can watch.


  • Affordable budget hybrid bike
  • Aluminum frame
  • Lightweight hybrid cruiser bike
  • Beautiful design and color
  • Lightweight frame
  • 3 speeds
  • Shimano internal hub
  • Comfortable Seatpost
  • Comfortable handlebar grips
  • Reliable brake
  • 26 inches wheels
  • Durable and reliable components
  • Easy to assemble


  • 80% assemble


At last, we want to assure you that if you purchase one of the sixthreezero your investment in it will be worth it. Riding these bikes is really comfortable and reliable for it’s quality components. Most of the women out there who ride sixthreezero everyjourney women hybrid bike are satisfied by the quality of the product. We wish you a happy everyjourney with lots of fun and enjoyment.

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