Road VS Mountain Bike – Things Need to Know Before Buying

In this article, you will get a clear inside of road vs mountain bikes. You are also able to be finding out which bicycle is best suited you on your purpose of riding. There are many types of bikes out there on the market. Most of them are building for different target customers. So the road and mountain bike is one of the popular bicycles to make a fun and adventurous ride. We also try to give you a clear view and distinction between road bikes and mountain bikes.

First of all, if you are looking to buy a bicycle and you are still in a dilemma. Then I would like to ask you a few questions.

  1. What is the purpose of your bicycle buying?
  2. Where would you like to ride your new bike?
  3. Whom you would like to ride with?
  4. What are your fellow riders ride or would be riding?
  5. Do you have any past experience with any types of bikes?

So you get clear with these questions. Now let’s have a look our main topics road and mountain bikes.

Road Bikes:

The term road bicycles are used to refer bikes which are built for traveling and riding on the surface like paved roads with speed. Though, some sources excluded racing bicycles from the road bikes. But road bikes actually have lots of speed to ride on the road and other smooth surfaces. Road bikes have more gear combination and less hi-tech racing features. But road bikes can give the most riding experiences and fun on the road. Because some bike experts referred road bikes as sportive bicycles to distinguish them from racing bicycles.

Road Bikes Common Features:

A Road bike has some really awesome features included. When you will think of a road bike some of it’s features you really have to think about. Those are in below list, let’s have a look what makes a road bike differs from any other bicycle.

  1. Road bike most prominent feature is a lightweight frame.
  2. The handlebar is dropped, though some modern road bike has flat handlebar like the mountain bike.
  3. Tires are mostly narrow. High pressure and smooth to reduce rolling resistance.
  4. Road bike use derailleur gears Some are using single or fixed gear system though.
  5. Brakes are mostly disc or rim. It depends on user satisfaction.

Whom for the road bike:

A road bike is the best choice if you are staying on pavement and willing to ride for commuting, riding to work,   and riding for fun with friends or even to attend on a race. It’s really hard to beat the fast-rolling speed of a road bike. The road bike can be the best companion to make a recreational bike riding.

Price Range of Road Bike:

There are many types of road bikes are available on the market. The price depends on features included and which materials have used to make the bike. So if you think to have a road bike you have to choose over features and materials. Usually, a road bike with an aluminum frame, with 18-speed drivetrains and conventional rim brakes start around $800. One the other hand if you go for supper high-end model it will take you around $15000 so far.

Mountain Bike:

Mountain bike or Mountain bicycle is a bike designed for off-road cycling. Though the mountain bike seems like other types of bicycle. But it has some specialty on it’s features, designed and the materials used to build the bike. These types of bike mainly ride on rough terrain on the mountain. Mountain bike specially designed to handle and incorporate to maintain and enhance durability and reliability above all the performance of the bike.

Mountain bike is mostly specialized for the ride on mountain trails, single track, fire road or any other unpaved surface. To make sure it’s smooth riding and controlling, it has special design and components. Mountain bike uses straight handlebar, wide tires about two-inch or more and suspension on it’s front and rear. The brakes are very important components of a mountain bike. So it usually uses hydraulic brake mechanism to avoid unfair circumstance.

Common Features of Mountain Bike:

  1. Lightweight frame materials, which are strong and durable and reliable.
  2. Mountain bike use flat handlebar.
  3. Tires of a mountain bike are wider more than two-inch.
  4. Mountain bike uses a reliable hydraulic disc or rim brakes.
  5. All most every good quality mountain bike uses a suspension system. Some mountain bike use hardtail features too.

Mountain Bike for Whom:

Mountain bike is mostly designed for riding on mountainous terrain. So, those guys who want to seek and feel the adventure on the mountain. Mountain bike is the best companion to them. They can feel the charm by riding on mountain with a mountain bike. So, if you want to ride a bike on mountain there is no other option than a mountain bike. Because only a mountain bike can make your wish to fulfill riding on mountainous terrain.

Price Range of Mountain Bike:

If you think of a basic starting model with a hardtail one, then it will start to cost you around $500. One the other hand for a top trail and enduro-style models will cost around $10,000, with highly sophisticated components and features including suspension system. So it varies the price on the model and the features of want. check the latest review on best mountain bike under $500

Final Word:

So, in the above discussion on-road bike and mountain bike might clear your thought on the topics. Both types of the bike can give you the best kind of adventure and refreshment on a different platform. So, if you want to have any kind of this makes sure to get the perfect one for you. We have reviewed some awesome road bikes and mountain bikes from entry-level to pro level. If you like to so those you can find a cheap mountain bike.

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