10 Top Mountain Bike Brands in 2022- You will Never Regret Purchasing From Them

If you are looking for the mountain bikes brand that can make your purchase worthy. Choosing top mountain brands and the bike is tricky. If you don’t well aware about or a beginner level mountain bikers. You must be in a dilemma about how could you chose the right bike that best suit for you. In this article, we will discuss 10 top brands that dominating the mountain bike market currently. Each of the brands has a vast of history and value to come to this present position of mountain biking industry. We strongly believe that if you thinking about having a mountain bike then you can try from these brand with full of trust.

Let’s learn something from the past history of mountain biking. Mountain biking started as a sport in the 1970’s and this off-road bike riding becoming popular day by day since it began. Mountain biking can be categories into cross country, trail riding, downhill, freeride and dirt riding.  Though mountain bike shares similarities with other bikes there is some difference in their features and design. To ride on the mountainous rocky terrain the bike should have some modified designed and characteristic. It’s a popular sport of thrills and adventures to the young men and women nowadays.

Before we go through to the brand discussion we wanted to share something about mountain bike and their special components which make these kinds of bikes different from other bikes. I think this can help you choose a mountain bike as well. As you might know, a mountain bike is a different type of bike that can be a ride on any kinds of mountainous terrain. A mountain bike is specially designed for riding on rugged off-road and thus those have extremely different designed and features as compared to others type of bicycles.

In our article we tried to look up some of the most needed components of a mountain bike that should have to perform better on trails. And we valued those brands that have a strong background in this industry. We tried and tested their bikes and we collected lots of information about their products and online reviews from real customers.

Top Mountain Bike Brands


Giant started their journey in 1972. They call themselves builders and innovators and most of all they are the global cyclist community. This bicycle company is considered one of the best bike manufacturing companies in the world. According to their speech, they focused 3 main concepts when they started to build new bike models. These are inspiration, innovation, and craftsmanship. Since they began their journey they are producing quality bikes these are durable, reliable, and comfortable and the best thing is their products affordable. With over 12,000 retail stores working worldwide, Giant is at the top of the bike-manufacturing game in the mountain bike as well as others bike manufacturer and is unlikely to back down anytime soon.


When it comes to Santa Cruz bikes you can think a beautiful design mountain bikes with the high quality of components and durability and comfortability. This bicycle company started their journey in 1993. Since their foundation, they are producing quality, not quantity. And their goal is to manifestation not manifesto with their products. They currently offer 16 unique mountain bike models on the market and they all have their unique stamp of quality. And, ever since they are tried to build bikes that allow riders to go further, faster, and higher, for longer.


Diamondback is one of the leading mountain bike brands and manufacturer in the mountain bike industry. This mountain bike company providing their bikes all over the world including USA,UK, Australia, India, China and Japan. They believe their quality of products can e their best achievements and their goal is so. They are producing road bikes, kids bikes, city bikes as well as the mountain bike. Diamondback has over 40 years of experience in this industry. Now the company has reached a level of top mountain bike brands and it’s unlike to back down anytime soon.


Founded in 1985 and located in Colorado. Yeti is known for their specific mountain bike design which makes the brand different from other top mountain bike brands. Every model of their bikes is built for comfortable riding experience. Their main goal is to create new model bikes with new technology available and they focused on the young generations as well as the different sizes of bikes. Yeti main focused is to make high-end bikes that can fulfill your all mountain biking needs and ensure you the best kind of mountain riding experiences. When you have a Yeti you can easily rock the mountain no doubt. The Yeti has a pretty simple philosophy that they say, it’s like that, “we build bikes we want to ride”. They are truly incredible and their bikes too.


Kona is one of the top mountain bike brands in the world. It founded in 1988 by Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The best things about Kona bikes is this company still owned by it’s original owners and the employee of this best mountain bike brands are all bicyclist. So they can understand the bikes more than a regular rider. For this, they can design beautiful and comfortable bikes for us.  You might wonder to know that Kona was the first brand to produce a complete range of sloping top tube design mountain bike frames. Now the company has reached a level of undefeated.


Schwinn is well known for their durable and comfortable bikes and their components for mountain bikes. This mountain bike brands started their journey in 1995 and within this short of period, they have gain trust and reliability from the real bikers. This bike is the most trusted brand in the USA as well as others continents of the world. They believe and try to build a memory of bike riders that last long their lifetime and no one can write someone journey, only the person can. And yes Since Schwinn has started their journey this bike company writing their journey as top mountain bikes brand. check our latest Schwinn mountain bike review


Mongoose is an authentic mountain bike brands that can make your mountain journey full of joy and memorial. This authentic mountain bike brand has started their journey as mountain bikes producer as well as other different types of bikes. Mongoose is synonymous with bikes that can perform on the smoothest single track to the bigger drops and riders looking for trails that never end and keep the party and riding going


For a challenging ride on rocky and rugged terrain, GT Mountain is bike comes first in mind. This mountain bike can make your off-road riding experiences beginner to an extreme level of fun, and enjoyable. Founded in 1972 and it’s still dominating the mountain biking industry by their quality, comfortable and reliable products. Their light bikes are sturdy enough to go through any kind of terrain and truly you can rock on the mountain if you having a GT.


Trek bicycles a name which lies on trust and reliability. This bike brand has become popular in a very short period of times and it has taken place among the bike enthusiast mind. Their beautiful design mountain bike has enough durability and comfortability. So you can have a bike from them without any doubt. It will support you for a long time. It now has around 1,700 dealers all over America.


Merax is another top mountain bike brand that can fill up your mountain biking needs. This bike brand is awesome for the beginner level mountain riders. Their bikes are comfortable and durable. If you are a beginner or want to start mountain riding then you can choose from them. If you are looking for a beginner mtb then merax can be your best choice.

Final Word

A mountain bike ride on difficult terrain and trails and riding style is also very aggressive and row. So it’s a matter of choosing a trustworthy bike brand and go for so. It’ said that a trustworthy brand often talks itself. So before choosing a mountain bike, it’s also very important to see the brand and their value on the market. Otherwise, you could lose your money and bike as well.

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