What to know before buying a bicycle

If you are thinking about having a bike then you are most welcome to one of the oldest and greatest modes of transportations, exercise, and meditations. So for this, you have to get a bike in the first phase. In this bicycle buying guide, I will explain to you how you can buy the best bike for your form of need. There are so many choices out there to fulfill your bike buying process. So before you head to a bike shop or any other media, this little piece of bike buying guide may help you.

That’s why I would suggest you know and research it before your final click to buy. Otherwise, you may get a wrong bike for your need and your money can be ruin.  As you know there are so many benefits of bike riding that’s why I do appreciate your approach to having a bike. Before dinging down I would ask you a few questions.

  1. What is your riding path?
  2. Do you have any special purpose with your bike?
  3. Which components you should care most on a bike before buying?
  4. What is your budget?
  5. With whom you want to ride?
  6. Should you buy from a local shop or online?

As a bike enthusiast, I ride a bike since childhood. So when someone around me asks me to guide on buying a bike. I always asked them those questions. After finishing these questions and answer task. I saw them buy their own bikes by themselves confidently.

Where you want to ride:

In the very initial stage of the bike buying process, you have to think about where you want to ride. There are so many kinds of bikes out there. All those kinds of the bike have a different pathway and comfortable to ride those places. So you have to decide first where you want to ride on.

If you want to ride on the pavement surface and the primary cause of your riding is exercise. Then a road bike or a fitness bike would be the best suit for your purpose. And if you think of a comfortable ride with family or friends then you can go for a cruiser bike. This type of bikes is much easier to ride and comfortable to ride on the pavement or beach.

Mountain bike is for riding on the mountainous surface. So if you want to ride and rock on the mountain one and the only option is having a mountain bike.

For commuting and exercise, a city bike is the best option to go in my case. On the other hand, if you don’t want to pedal and want a self-drive bicycle. Then you can go for an electric bicycle.

What is the main purpose of your bike buying?

Whether you are an entry-level rider or you just want to start your bike riding explorations or you are riding professionally. You have to think about it before bike buying. Bicycles are meant for so many recreational activities. So if you are en entry-level biker then you have to buy a bike that can fit you as an entry-level rider. On the other hand, if you want professional riding, like joining different racing competition then you have to buy a high-end bike.

Or if you want to ride on the mountainous terrain, you have to have a high-end mountain bike. It’s that simple. So before buying a bike think about your purpose of riding and the pathway you want to explore. So, there are many kinds of the bike on the market. If I mention here it might help you a better understanding.

Road Bike:

Specially designed to ride on the pavement surface. Riding around the city is the best suit and the road bike is meant to speeds.

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Mountain Bikes:

Design with particularly rides on the mountainous terrain. Mountain bike has some specialty. These are sturdier and have lots of shock absorption capacity. It can be a ride on the mountain and other’s surface. It also called cross country bike.

Hybrid Bikes:

Hybrid bikes actually a cross between road and mountain bikes. For commuting and exercising hybrid bikes is also a very good companion.

Cruisers Bikes:

Cruiser bikes are well known for riding on the beach. I mean cruising on the bank of riverside or on the beach is best with the cruiser bike.

Bicycle Anatomy | Bike Buying Guide:

In this part, I will tell you about the different parts and components of a bicycle. I guess this guide will help you much to know about bicycle parts and components.


The frame of a bicycle, if I call it the heart of bike then it will not be too much saying. The frame is existing in different shapes and designs. It builds with different types of materials. Mainly it built with (steel, Aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber) you will find the materials as per your budget according to high-end to low-end materials.


It is also a very considerable part of a bicycle. There are three types of brakes available on a bicycle. Coaster hub brakes are available on cruiser bikes. These brakes are less powerful than another braking system. Rim brakes or linear-pull brakes are also available on a bicycle. These types of brakes sometimes included very low budget bikes to high-end bikes. The last one is disc brakes or hydraulic brake mechanism. They’re heavier but stop better, with less force, in all conditions.


Many mountain bikes, as well as road bikes, included suspension systems. This actually provides smooth and control riding experiences. Especially in mountain bikes, these features included so that the bumps can be reduced by its pricier suspensions.


The drivetrain of a bicycle is included 1 to 30 gears. Usually Up to 12 gears in the rear and 1 to 3 in the front. The most bicycle uses a chain but some city bikes use belt drives. You can choose as per your choice.


Wheels of a bicycle play an important role. These made up with rims, tires and spoke with a hub. There is different sizes available one different bike category. Rims made with sturdy materials like steel, aluminum alloy and sometimes carbon fiber. Tires and tubes are rubber.

How much you want to spend:

You might be thinking there are so many topics already discussed on this bicycle buying guide. But how much should I spend on a bike? In this case, I would say it’s all up to you. You will find so many bikes on the market within a very low budget to very expensive. But in this case, I would like to suggest or guide you if you are in the beginner stage, then don’t go for a high-end expensive model and try some best entry-level bike.

So here is the deal. Let’s check on some price points so that you can get a clear idea about bike pricing.

Low Price Range Bike:

In this range, you can get a bike from a starting price of about $90 to $300 dollars. So you will not get very high-end metal. Within this price, you will get a fully functioning frame and components. But they look stylish and contain a beautiful design. For those who just about to start bicycling is the best suited for them. There are many bike manufacturers and brands producing a low range of bicycles. Among them huffy and kent is mentionable.

Mid Price Range Bike:

It starts from $300 to $1000 dollars. These bikes materials and components are well enough durable and reliable. Usually, in this category bicycle, the frame materials fund lighter and sturdy. Other parts like fork, rims, saddle, handlebar, brakes are reliable and comfortable. Their higher-quality wheels, chains, and pedals increase their durability.

High-end Bike:

Usually, a high-end bike price range starts from $1000 to more. These bikes actually dominate the whole bike industry. Their stunning design, frame materials and the components they use really eye-catching. This category bike’s performance is great as well as durability and reliability. For comfort and mind-blowing riding experiences, a high-end bike feels up all senses.

With Whom You Will Ride:

For many of us, it may not be a considerable factor. But sometimes it matters. So before buying a bike, I would like to clarify some issues which may come over. In this bicycle buying guide, I have discussed so many factors. Though, it might not a big factor in the bike buying process. But the matter is when you will ride with your friends or with a bike riders group. Sometime you may feel your bike is not perfect to ride or one of your fellow riders have a gorgeous bike. So, before picking a bike discussed with your friends and group members. And take recommendations from them bicycle buying guide and tips so that you can get your perfect bike.

From Where You Can Buy:

There are multiple sources to buy your favorite bike. To purchase a quality bike you can go any of those sources. Let’s dig down to know about the advantage and disadvantages of each source of bike buying media.

Local Shop:

Pros: You can physically check the bike and its brand. You also can discuss the service plan and sometimes for a discount directly.

Cons: Limited items, sometimes only expensive products are available.

Online Retailers:

Pros: Multiple items available. Free shipping facility. Prior year sales.

Cons: No test ride or physical touch. You have to assemble on your own. If a return needs it’s a hassle.

Dealer- Direct (From Online):

Pros: Better selections, direct access to a brand new model.

Cons: No test ride. No service package or discount with purchase

So here are the pros and cons of bicycle buying from online and offline local shops. Now you can make the decision whether you can buy from a local shop or from an online retailer. It’s all up to your priority and decision matter.

Test Ride (bike buying tips):

Always try to shop for a bike which is the best fit for you. Otherwise, your bike riding experience can be ruined. I have experience of riding an unfit bicycle. So, I know the fact very well. Before buying a bike try to make a test ride if you shop from a local shop. And if you buy from online then try to make sure your selected bike’s fitting guide as well as the bicycle buying guide and servicing.

Usually, a good test ride takes around 20 to 30 minutes. In this meantime, you have to understand the testing bike is fit for you or not. Try to understand all the components of the bike well responsive or not. Are you feeling comfortable to ride or not? In this case, the most and basic parts like brakes and shifting of gears are well enough responsive or not check out. The handlebar and the suspension of fork adjusted properly try to make sure.

Finally, understand are you comfortable to sit on the bike saddle when you are on move. And then try to find similarity on the bicycle buying guides. Another thing is you may want to test ride multiple bikes to get a feel in different styles. It’s ok to test and the bike shop will happily consider your wish. So, no pressure right? Ask more about the bicycle and bicycle buying guide and tips to your friends and shop keepers.

Final Verdict:

From the above bike buying guide, you may already learn the bike buying basics. Now, go to pick your favorite bicycle with confidence. Wish you a very happy and enjoyable bike riding with your new bicycle.

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